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1. Resource for learning Spring MVC

I am looking for an online resource to learn the Spring MVC stack. Can someone point me in the right direction?

2. Spring MVC resource bundles

Is it possible to have multiple resource bundles in spring mvc? I want to separate my resource bundles for example one for errors, another for global messages, other for image names etc. ...

3. spring3.0 mvc problem(The requested resource is not Available)

I am a newbie for Spring MVC 3.0 and trying to write a sample webapp to get the feels of it. I am able to get url to invoke my ...

4. Not able to run basic spring mvc example -- resource not found





<bean class="org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.SimpleUrlHandlerMapping">

5.  type not resolved

I am trying to build the mvc-showcase example available here link. But i am getting the below error:

cvc-complex-type.2.4.c: The matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be ...

6. Spring serving static content with mvc:resources, invalid xsd

As recommended by I wish to use <mvc:resources> for serving my spring static content. I have tried the following XML, but the .xsd file doesn't contain a declaration for ...

7. Spring mvc:resource not finding *.ico files

I have had a really hard time getting my Spring 3.0 application to recognize favicon.ico type files as a resource. I have defined my resource directory in my spring-context.xml file as ...

8. Spring MVC mvc:resources location attribute

Guys I have also problem with loading static resources. I think I have everything properly set up. But I don't understand location attribute of mvc:resources. What is it for? if I have ...

9. Sending custom Content-Type with ResponseEntity

I am trying to use the ResponseEntity return type in my Spring WebMVC 3.0.5 controller. I am returning an image, so I want to set the Content Type to image/gif with ...

10. SpringMVC: Adding a mediatype to static resources to be served

in my spring-mvc application I'm serving some static resources. JavaScrips, CSS and images get served correctly but there are also some json files which not get delivered. So this file I ...

11. Spring 3.0 MVC problem -- requested resource() is not available

I'm trying to learn Spring MVC, using Spring 3.1 jars, and I'm getting the following error message in my browser.

HTTP Status 404 - /list_cars.html


type Status report

message /list_cars.html

description The requested resource (/list_cars.html) ...

12. mvc:resources not picking up everything under resource folder

This thing works for 4 of the 5 folders under _res. <mvc:resources mapping="/_res/**" location="/_res/"/> It is not picking anything up under the fonts folder which is referenced from the style sheets like this ...

13. Manage static Resources in spring mvc

I am building an application with Spring MVC and jquery for UI. The UI developer is designing the pages using jQuery without using any server (as it is not required). The ...

14. Spring-JS unable to locate web-resources

I am using Spring JS 2.3.0 with Spring 3.0.5 and believe I have configured the applicationContext.xml properly for resources (css and js files). Here are the snippets: applicationContext.xml

<mvc:resources mapping="/resources/**" location="/, classpath:/META-INF/web-resources/" /> ...

15. Spring MVC Static Resources partially work

I have a basic directory app that works fine except that it seems to only sometimes find the static resources that I’ve configured using the mvc:resources tag. My search of ...

16. Spring mapping not working

I am trying to map some static resources in Spring MVC. My url looks like this:
I have configure mvc:resources as:
<mvc:resources mapping="/*/images/**" location="/images/"/>
The resources are always found directly under /images/ folder irrespective ...

17. Static resources in Spring MVC app

In my Spring mvc application I want to serve static resources using mvc:resources. My web.xml mapping looks that:

Where main is dispatcher servlet to ...

18. simple mvc:resources question

20. Unexpected behavior after adding

21. Unexpected behavior after adding

Unexpected behavior after adding Hi, This may be a silly question but for me it was unexpected behavior. I had my spring configuration as follows: Code:

22. Returning a ModelAndView results in a "resource is not available error"

Returning a ModelAndView results in a "resource is not available error" Hi, I'm stating a small personal project of mine and i'm planning on doing it with Spring. I managed, however, ...

23.  doesn't work with javascript files

doesn't work with javascript files Hello, I'm new with Spring and I'm trying to use my javascript files in my jsp. Now.. my dispatcher-servlet is: Code: .....