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1. Finding your application's URL with only a ServletContext    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing a Java web app using Spring MVC. I have a background process that goes through the database and finds notifications that must be e-mailed to my users. These e-mail ...

2. Spring MVC; avoiding file extension in url?    stackoverflow.com

I just started with Spring Web MVC. I'm trying to avoid file extenstions in the url. How can i do this? (I'm using Spring 2.5.x) Bean:

<bean name="/hello.htm" class="springapp.web.HelloController"/>
I want it to be:
<bean ...

3. What's the best way to get the current URL in Spring MVC?    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to create URLs based on the URL used by the client for the active request. Is there anything smarter than taking the current HttpServletRequest object and it's getParameter...() methods ...

4. url-action mapping & routing in Spring MVC 3.0    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a web application using Spring MVC 3.0 and looking for a ready-made solution, if any, or a "best practices" reference for a url/action mapping and routing system that can ...

5. How do I prevent Spring 3.0 MVC @ModelAttribute variables from appearing in URL?    stackoverflow.com

Using Spring MVC 3.0.0.RELEASE, I have the following Controller:

public class AddIntakeController{

  private final Collection<String> users;

  public AddIntakeController(){
    users = new ArrayList<String>();

6. What's wrong with my Url Mappings?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to map a couple urls to their respective controllers as follows:

/index.html => HomeController
/login/index.html = LoginController
My mapping bean in my servlet xml looks like this:
<bean class="org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.SimpleUrlHandlerMapping">

7. Issues with setting URL mappings in Spring MVC 2.5    stackoverflow.com

I have the following in my web.xml file:




8. Spring URL mapping question    stackoverflow.com

I am using Java with Spring framework. Given the following url:

I need to map all requests that come to /contentitem/{numeric value} mapped to a given controller with the "numeric value" ...

9. Spring - Rewrite one URL to another    stackoverflow.com

I have a Spring 2.5 application that contains a Flash banner. I don't have the source for the Flash component but it has links hardcoded to certain pages that end ...

10. Spring 3 simple extentionless url mappings with annotation-based mapping - impossible?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Spring 3, and trying to set up a simple web-app using annotations to define controller mappings. This seems to be incredibly difficult without peppering all the urls with *.form ...

11. Spring MVC absolute URL problem    stackoverflow.com

Background I am developing an application (with Spring MVC) with its base path as:

I have a stylesheet /css/style.css that I am trying to refer with absolute path in a JSP as:
<link rel="stylesheet" ...

12. Spring+JSP url building best practices    stackoverflow.com

I wonder if there are any good practices for addressing Spring controllers in JSP. Suppose I have controller:

class FooController {

  // Don't bother about semantic of this query right now

13. Variable 'app' in url-pattern for servlet mapping    stackoverflow.com

I'm learning Spring MVC (and servlets in general) and following springsource's mvc-ajax example, which uses annotated controller methods. It appears that there is only one url-pattern (in web.xml) mapped to a ...

14. Multiple SpringDispatcherServlet to handle different url    stackoverflow.com

Is it ok to have more than 1 DispatcherServlet in web.xml to handle different URL ? What's the downside?



15. How to create a default method in SpringMVC using annotations?    stackoverflow.com

I can't find a solution to this, and it's driving me crazy. I have @Controller mapped that responds to several methods using @RequestMapping. I'd like to tag one of ...

16. Simple Spring URL Handling?    stackoverflow.com

I am using Spring MVC for an application I am building. Everything is working fine, but what I do not know how to do is a simple link with Spring. Currently, ...

17. Choosing an appropriate url pattern for Sitemesh to exclude my servlet from its decorators?    stackoverflow.com

I configured my Spring web app with a servlet to serve images at the URL:

I also have Sitemesh installed and now when I call this image servlet, I get a decorator ...

18. Case Sensitive URL mapping in spring 3.0    stackoverflow.com

Looks like the default annotations based handler mapping in spring 3.0 does case insensitive handler matching . Is there a way to make this case sensitive ?

19. How can you have two URL routes mapped to the same handler method in Spring MVC (3.0)?    stackoverflow.com

I have a a userPanel method mapped to the /user/panel URL route:

@RequestMapping(value = "/user/panel", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public final String userPanel(HttpServletRequest request, ModelMap model)
However, I would also like the userPanel method to ...

20. Spring MVC urls without .something extension    stackoverflow.com

First off, if this is a duplicate, I apologize. I did quite a bit of searching but couldn't find much and I suspect I wasn't using the right terms... I'm building ...

21. url link is too long to fit in one line Spring MVC    stackoverflow.com

How to avoid break in long url link sent through Spring MVC web app? It is a redirect url sent to email box in case of reset password request http://man-01668:9090/HDCdemo/demoservice/portal/resetpassword.htm?pfpc=tMgmMyBhpVRi1pZq&redirect_url=http://localhost:8080/HDCdemo/demoservice/portal/myprofile.htm?_flowId=citizenportal/myprofile ...

22. How can I have case insensitive URLS in Spring MVC with annotated mappings    stackoverflow.com

I have annotated mappings working great through my spring mvc web app, however, they are case sensitive. I cannot find a way to make them case insensitive. (I'd love to make ...

23. can i set the url before returning the ModelAndView?    stackoverflow.com

is it possible to set your url before returning your model? For example, my current url is http://localhost/home.html at my homecontroller, I return a modelandview for another page, for example

ModelAndView model ...

24. Showing the URL of the view in the address bar, instead of the one of the action    stackoverflow.com

@RequestMapping(value = "updatePatient", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public ModelAndView postUpdatePatientById(
        @ModelAttribute("patient") PatientForm patientForm,
        HttpSession session) {

25. URL mapping with glassfish and spring    stackoverflow.com

I'm creating a hello world spring project on glassfish 2.1. I'm trying to use the SimpleUrlHandlerMapping to map everything that ends in /spring/*.htm to my spring controller. Here is what I ...

26. spring BeanCreationException confusion about mapping    stackoverflow.com

trying to integrate hibernate and spring ,I ran into this error

SEVERE: Context initialization failed org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.annotation.DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping': Initialization of bean ...

27. Problem validating @PathVariable url on spring 3 mvc    stackoverflow.com

HI am starting to use spring 3 mvc and have run into a problem that don't know how to solve; I am trying to validate a url @pathvariable using:

public String showGsscFormWithVenueId (@Valid ...

28. Spring-MVC: Is it possible to have two url-pattern's for one servlet-mapping?    stackoverflow.com

I have both .htm and .xml URLs that I want to be resolved as .jsp files in my WEB-INF folder. How do I specify that I want the same servlet to ...

29. Get Root/Base Url In Spring MVC    stackoverflow.com

What is the best way to get the root/base url of a web application in Spring MVC? Base Url = http://www.example.com or http://www.example.com/VirtualDirectory

30. How to manage URLs on errors on Spring MVC?    stackoverflow.com

I have a webapp with Spring MVC 3.0.4.RELEASE. I have the following scenario: 1) I enter a search web page by GET with the path: search.html
2) I click search and do a ...

31. Spring MVC -> dependent on URL display welcome page    stackoverflow.com

I have a Spring MVC application (version 3.0.5.RELEASE) and I have this in my mvc-config.xml:

<mvc:view-controller path="/" view-name="welcome"/>
So requests to "/" are forwarded to the welcome view welcome.jsp. This means in my case, ...

32. How to stop vaadin stealing all url-patterns (and play nicely with spring mvc)    stackoverflow.com

I have a vaadin application and I am trying to provide some REST Urls provided by spring MVC alongside - my web.xml is below. I only get 404s at /info - ...

33. How to debug Spring MVC url mapping?    stackoverflow.com

I am using Spring MVC 3 and am having an issue with a URL mapping. I have a method

 public class DocumentController {
      @RequestMapping( value="/docs/pupil/classes/{courseCategoryType}", ...

34. in spring mvc, is it possible to specify an url for a given View at runtime?    stackoverflow.com

in spring mvc, is it possible to specify an url for a given View at runtime?

35. Get Referer URL in Spring MVC    stackoverflow.com

How can I get the referer URL in Spring MVC Controller?

36. Servlet mapping url mapping issue with spring and BIRT    stackoverflow.com

In my application I'm using spring MVC(3.0.5) architecture along with BIRT reporting framework. I'm trying to serve all requests including the static resources like css, js, html and image files using the ...

37. How to change the returned URL when client click a link    stackoverflow.com

I have a case that I have a list page which list all the items and each item has a delete link. User can click this link to delete this item, ...

38. Spring BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping maps pattern url    stackoverflow.com

I have this particular query regarding BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping in Spring. Part of my dispatcher-servlet.xml looks like below -

<bean id="beanNameUrl" class="org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping"/>

<bean name="/start.htm" class="controller.StartController"/>
<bean name="/login.htm" class="controller.LoginController"/>
<bean name="/company.htm" class="controller.CompanyController"/>
<bean name="/client.htm" class="controller.ClientController"/>
<bean name="/paginate.htm" class="controller.PaginateController"/>
<bean name="/detail_view.htm" class="controller.DetailViewController"/>
<bean ...

39. spring form have different url after posting    stackoverflow.com

I am using the spring taglib in my jsps to create forms and show input errors. Now I was wondering if I can control the final url without having to call ...

40. Two differents views depending on the URL file extension using Spring MVC 3    stackoverflow.com

I want to have the same request mapping but resolve to different view depending on the file extension. I have two JSPs one that renders HTML and another that renders XML. ...

41. Spring MVC Url pattern    stackoverflow.com

I was wondering if I can customize my url into controller to accept null values

            value = "foo/{y}/{x}",

42. Map url with language identifier    stackoverflow.com

Is there a nice way to resolve locale based on the URL and in the other hand map requests without any additional requirement ? For example

and in the ...

43. *.html in spring 2.0    stackoverflow.com

i am making a sample program in spring mvc from http://maestric.com/doc/java/spring/hello_world. i used <url-pattern>*.jsp</url-pattern> in spring 2.0. i also changed in springmvc-servlet.xml:<bean name="/hello_world.jsp" class="springmvc.web.HelloWorldController"/> but it is not run. when i use<url-pattern>*.html</url-pattern> ...

44. Can Spring urls with no mapping be redirected to some default login url?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Spring 3 and I tried to access url that has no mapping and I get following warning. Is it possible to redirect urls with no mappings for example to ...

45. Spring MVC case insensitive URLs    stackoverflow.com

I have looked for the answer to this on Google and stackoverflow, but unfortunately the solutions provided either assume a lot of prior knowelege about Spring MVC and Java or are ...

46. How to use wildcards in Spring MVC servlet mapping URLs?    stackoverflow.com

I've got a controller set up in my web.xml:

And a matching bean defined in controller-servlet.xml:
<bean ...

47. Set the base URL in the page when using Spring MVC 3    stackoverflow.com

I am learning the Spring MVC 3 now. I meet some problems when set the URLs in my page, since the URL in the page are relatived to the current page, so ...

48. How to setup spring url mapping configuration for specific url    stackoverflow.com

I have a web application which has url as below: Share module

  • /share/001.htm
  • /share/002.htm
Answer module
  • /answer/001.htm
  • /answer/002.htm
How can i config spring url mapping for above? I try to use configruation as below:
<bean id="simpleUrlMapping" class="org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.SimpleUrlHandlerMapping">  

49. Spring and the /* url pattern    stackoverflow.com

We have a url-pattern of "/*" and requests get to our controller, but we always get a 404. Here is our web.xml


50. Spring MVC: url passing variable page style not working    stackoverflow.com

I am using spring mvc for my app. So far everything is going all. However, when I get to a page that has a variable in the url (ie, /edit/{id}), the ...

51. Modifiying Spring Url in an aspect like way    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a way how to modify the urls within the spring:url- tag implementation, without modifying the jsps. A short introduction, to explain what I want to do: I have a ...

52. How forcing every step of a Spring MVC (2.5) wizard to have distinct URLs?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to have each step of Spring MVC wizard (implemented within the same AbstractWebkitWizardFormController) with a different URL, to be able to apply URL pattern on each corresponding web ...

53. Extensionless URL with Spring MVC and Freemarker    stackoverflow.com

I am working on a project that involves Freemarker and Spring MVC and in the presentation layer all the pages have a ".ftl" extention. Now a late requirement came up where ...

54. url does not change with ModelAndView    forum.springsource.org

url does not change with ModelAndView Hello all, I am new to spring as well as this forum, so pls excuse any faux pas. I am looking for some assistance/direction on ...

55. Unable to Override the Spring MVC URL decoding which uses default "ISO-8859-1"    forum.springsource.org

Unable to Override the Spring MVC URL decoding which uses default "ISO-8859-1" We are passing "reifengre" which has 2 special German characters in the URL query string value. The request is ...

56. ExcelView as successView keeps the SimpleFormControllers url    forum.springsource.org

I'm using SimpleFormController to upload a file and return an ExcelView as the successView. The upload is working and the view is rendering an excel file, but the name is the ...

57. modelandview changed but url does not - help    forum.springsource.org

Supose you are in A.htm, the handler of A switches to B.htm. It works, but the url is still A.htm Can this be prevented somehow? Thank you.

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URL Accessing Problem in SpringMVC Hello , We have developed an application in SpringMVC and we have applied acegi security system, We have tested this application in JBoss Appserver at our ...

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URL Accessing Problem in SpringMVC, One additional slash isappended to context root Hello Spring Experts, We have developed an application in SpringMVC and we have applied acegi security system, We have ...

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ViewRendererServlet mapping URL in Portlet MVC I am trying to integrate the Spring Portlet MVC samples into a commercial Portal (Plumtree). I have gotten everything working properly but the ViewRendererServlet does ...

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Hello all, Does anyone know of a way to generate a view URL using a value in the model? I've got a database table full of report IDs that refer to ...

63. suppress adding model objects to url    forum.springsource.org

suppress adding model objects to url in my web-app i want to redirect user to login page if there is no userID object among session attributes of if there is now ...

64. Search Engine Friendly Url and Spring MVC    forum.springsource.org

Search Engine Friendly Url and Spring MVC Trying to figure out if there's a 'standard' spring way to assist in handling SEO friendly urls. Currently: /hello.htm?id=123&name=456&something=789 Desired: /hello/123/456/789 Have attempted to ...

65. Model objects not available in c:import url?    forum.springsource.org

Model objects not available in c:import url? I have a spring MVC application that has a master.jsp that uses a c:import to populate the content.jsp. I'm trying to access a model ...

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URL Generation in Spring MVC Hello! I'm a relative newbie to the Spring MVC world, having spent quite a bit of time developing in Rails. One thing that I really loved ...

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spring mvc maping url hello, i have a problem with spring mvc my spring bean Code: ...

68. Speicifying URL when Returning modelandview    forum.springsource.org

Speicifying URL when Returning modelandview I have a scenario where a user is at one form action (action1.do) and clicks on a button to open a modal/popup that goes to action2.do. ...

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Spring 3 MVC URL problem Hi All, I am quite new to Spring 3 but I have looked all over the web and on this forum for an answer to my ...

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Question on URL binding for SpringMVC form action i installed Spring framework 2.5 and created a bare MVC app below that was then delpoyed locally. When browsed to "http://localhost:8080/test/login.htm", i got ...

71. Spring mvc application not accessible at url.    forum.springsource.org

Sep 1st, 2010, 10:32 PM #1 ROBINSON View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Aug 2010 Posts 8 Spring mvc application not accessible at url. I am ...

72. Spring MVC & Dynamic URL    forum.springsource.org

Don't use Tuckey for this, it never works well with Spring. Instead, just use the URI Templates, which is the Spring way to achieve what you want. Take a look at ...