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I started working with Spring MVC recently so I may be missing something obvious. I am using the Spring MVC JsonView view and I would like to unit test the json that's ...

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I have a spring application and I want to create a unitary test on a controller like this one. The problem is that the Wrapper class is a private inner class, ...

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We have heard a lot about Benefits of Spring like it offers loose coupling, dependency injection, inversion of control etc but from testing point of view, I have couple of question. ...

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I have a freemarker template and I want to write a test that checks the output for a given model input.

public void testProcessTemplateWithModel() throws Exception {
    final Configuration ...

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Is there a way to test views rendered in freemarker at the same time I run my unit tests? It would be great if the test failed if Freemarker threw an ...

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I've a Spring (3.0) Controller with a method which has HttpServletRequest as one of the parameters, since it's handling (multiple) file uploads.

@RequestMapping(value = "/classified/{idClassified}/dealer/{idPerson}/upload",
    method = RequestMethod.POST)
public final ...