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1. spring-mvc download action

Is there some trick to getting a SpringMVC custom view to cause a file download in the broswer? I've implemented the render method from org.springframework.web.servlet.View but the code results in my ...

2. Setting content type in an action

In spring mvc 3.0, how can I set the content type of a particular action? I want to set the action to return a json result.

3. Sprin mvc and different required fields depending on action

i have a form with 2 buttons let say A & B. The required fields are depending on the button pressed. Im using actually a DataBinder allowing me to ...

4. Recommended pattern to confirm action in Spring MVC?

Sorry for this question, but today I feel short of ideas. What I need is a good way to implement confirmation of requests in spring mvc. suppose I have

@RequestMapping(params = "action=deleteitem")
public ...

5. How do you perform an action a single time in Spring MVC after all app initializations have taken place?

If you want to perform an action a single time after all app initializations have taken place during startup, is there a listener/handler/interceptor you can extend to detect this event?

6. Spring MVC Equivilient of ?

Spring MVC Equivilient of ? I am in the process of converting a site from WW2 to SpringMVC. For the most part this has gone very well as Spring Controllers tend ...