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1. How can i have previous value of checkbox in Spring?

Is it posssible to have the previous value of checkbox alongwith new value? My problem is, i have to execute some code, only if the value of checkbox is true, also ...

2. Why does Spring MVC appends a "1" to the path to generate id of form:checkbox?

If I have a checkbox like this in my jsp: <form:checkbox path="agreeToLegalAgreements" /> It results in: <input id="agreeToLegalAgreements1" name="agreeToLegalAgreements" type="checkbox" value="true"/><input type="hidden" name="_agreeToLegalAgreements" value="on"/> Why is a "1" being appended to the id ? The ...

3. Spring MVC and Checkboxes

I'm using Spring MVC 3.0 and can't quite see all the parts to this problem: my controller will produce a list of domain objects. Let's say a simple User object with ...

4. Spring datagrid with checkboxes

I have a web-application in spring where tasks should be assigned to workers (say programmers).

  1. the application should be able to list tasks (unassigned tasks) in a grid
  2. On another side, the ...

5. Checkbox Binding

I am getting error message

org.springframework.beans.NotReadablePropertyException: Invalid property 'produts[0]' of bean class [java.util.HashMap]: Bean property 'produts[0]' is not readable or has an invalid getter method: ...

6. going crazy about the spring mvc checkbox

I got the checkbox working, but I can't remember what modification I have done to my code. it's never working again. it keeps saying:

org.springframework.web.servlet.tags.form.Checkbox Tag - 
at org.springframework.web.servlet.tags.form.Selected ValueComparator.exhaustiveCompare(SelectedValueCom
the java ...

7. How to display checkboxes with checked by default?

I am using form to display the checkboxes in my jsp page.In below "data" is the Map object.

<form:checkboxes id="test" path="test" items="data/>
How to display all the checkboxes by default checked?

8. How to convert the normal html checkboxes syntax to spring form:checkboxes

I have this

<c:forEach items="${countryList}" var="var1" varStatus="counter">
<input type="checkbox" name="passports[${counter.index}].country_issue" value="${var1.country_name}" >${var1.country_name}</input>
Now i want to convert it to something like
<form:checkboxes path="passports[${counter.index}].country_issue"
The problem here is that how will i use ...

9. Spring:bind with checkbox

In Below Code testData is HashMap.I am trying to bind checkbox with spring:bind tag. I am getting syntax errors on spring:bind.I am not able to figure it out.

<c:forEach items="${testData}" var="test" varStatus="loopStatus"> 

10. Checkbox values can not be unset

I may be asking the wrong questions here. This is a jsp project that I am making small change to. I added a new checkbox to the page. Saving the form ...

11. Spring mvc page validation not working for checkbox. works for text fields

In Spring MVC 3.0, there is a class org.springframework.validation.BindingResult which finds the form parameters.
There is a method result.rejectValue("fieldName","errorMessage");
This method will attach an error message to a field that fails a validation. ...

12. Spring mvc checkbox default checked?

My project uses spring mvc tags; there is a tag like this used in my project:

<form:checkbox cssClass="check" path="alEftFileSentStatus" id="alEftFileSentStatus" 
The checkbox shows up as default checked. Where are we specifying the ...

13. Spring MVC Pre Populate Checkboxes

First little background info. Got a fairly standard User Role relationship where the User can have many roles. I have roles defined as a set within the user class. ...

14. Bind checkbox to String instead of Boolean in form

I have a list of custom objects that I use as the commandName object in my form, and usually each object contains a String label, String type (INTEGER or BOOLEAN), and ...

15. How to control Spring 3.0 MVC form:checkbox labels and errors

Using spring 3.0 MVC My <spring:form> contains two check boxes for the user to indicate their preferred contact method. The user is required to select at least one contact method. ...

16. number format exception: for string "" when using tag with form checkboxes

I'm using spring 3.0, in my jsp i have a couple of checkboxes (the normal ones <input type="checkbox" ....>). I'm using the <spring:bind path="businessL1"> to bind it with the bean with ...

17. Display check box with value when change the value in combo box in Spring MVC 3

I have a query regarding display check box with getting value from database in Spring mvc 3 when change the combo box value on jsp. i.e for example I want to ...

18. Spring mvc checkboxes

I've got a list and everything works fine when using this approach, the problem is that this list is very long. What I want to do is to put some html after ...

19. Setting a default value to a checkbox in Spring (portlets) MVC

I'm trying to set a default value to a checkbox in my portlet preferences area. For the layout, I use the following tag :

<spring-form:checkbox path="myPath"/>
Of course, I have a Controller and ...

21. checkbox binding problem with spring mvc

checkbox binding problem with spring mvc Hi, I am trying to use checkbox(es) and not been able to successfully bind it to objects. Following is my JSP page -

22. Example for Spring MVC with dynamic Check box list

/* * (non-Javadoc) * @see org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.SimpleFormController#onSubmit(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse, java.lang.Object, org.springframework.validation.BindException) */ ...

23. How to use checkboxes with Spring MVC

How do I have to handle checkboxes with Spring/JSP ? The request always returns null, no matter if the box is checked or not. The corresponding field type in the domain ...