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1. Spring 3 Type Conversion Errors

I have been trying out the new Spring MVC 3.0 Type Conversion Framework. I cannot find out how to trap conversion errors. I am using the new mvc schema:


2. Spring MVC - Is Client Side JSON Conversion OK?

A psuedo controller method

public String getFoo(Model model) {
   model.add("foo", repo.findFoo());
   model.add("bar", repo.findBar());
   model.add("barOptions", repo.findBarOptions(bar));
   return "fooView";
Let's say the client uses Expression language to ...

3. Did spring framework 3.0.6 break property editor support for List's?

I have an application that I've recently upgraded to 3.0.6 from 3.0.5. The application used a property editor to convert a String to a List of objects, back and forth. I am ...

4. Spring @DateTimeFormat conversion error with Daylight Saving Time

I'm using Spring MVC on a machine that has Daylight Saving Time configured (America/Sao_Paulo Time Zone). In my form class I used the annotation DateTimeFormat to configure the output of my ...

5. Handling conversion errors in Spring MVC 3

How can I handle conversion errors from data from a Spring MVC form? If I define a command obj like this: Code: public class MyCommand { @Min(value=21) private int age; // ...

6. Spring MVC 3.1.0.M2 and defaut conversion logic in TypeConverterDelegate

Spring MVC 3.1.0.M2 and defaut conversion logic in TypeConverterDelegate Hello, I use a Spring-specific annotation for convert and format a date in a i18n context : Code sample : Code: @ProtoDateFormat(patternKey ...

7. Spring MVC Object conversion problem

Spring MVC Object conversion problem Hi there, Please bear with me if my question sounds somewhat 'schoolboy', but I've only just started using Spring, and with it the MVC components, today. ...

8. Impact of Spring MVC conversion

I had a working web project which i converted into Spring MVC... After the conversion, the referenced css and js files are not accessed. My initial code was Code: