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1. Copy specific fields by using BeanUtils.copyProperties?

springframework.beans.BeanUtils is very useful to copy objects, and I use the "ignoreProperties" option frequently. However, sometimes I want to copy only specific objects (basically, the opposite of "ignore Properties"). Does anyone ...

2. Spring MVC - clearing fields

I have a domain object which I am presenting on a typical form. Here is a simplified example:

public class Name implements Keyed {

    private String firstName;

3. Spring 3 Custom Editor field replacement

Having my ValueObject

UserVO {
  long id;
  String username;
I created custom editor for parsing this object from string id#username
public class UserVOEditor extends PropertyEditorSupport {

public void setAsText(String text) throws IllegalArgumentException {

4. Spring MVC hidden field

I am loading data from an arraylist in .jsp page. But i want to put first 2 or 3 values in hidden variables. So can I use in any way

<form:hidden path="arraylistFirstElement"/>
or ...

5. Hidden field in spring MVC

I wanted to use spring hidden tag in below code. Is this possible in below code, what I have to write in my controller to do that or what I am ...

6. validitaion fields without having any model?

validitaion fields without having any model? greeting all. i have e question about how can i validate a form that have two fields but dont have any bean related to this ...

7. Issues with using Javascript to add input field with Spring MVC

Issues with using Javascript to add input field with Spring MVC I am new to spring mvc so please be kind From my current understanding it looks like spring mvc is ...