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1. spring initBinder and webbindinginitializer example

I read few books on spring2.5 on these topic, but still cannot grab the concepts when to use @initBinder. can anyone share any reference or explain in what situation i can ...

2. spring @initBinder method calls twice

my spring controller is here:-

public class PrintAdsCorrectionReportController {

    private PrintAdsCorrectionReportService printAdsReportService;

    protected void initModel(WebDataBinder binder) {


3. Externalize @InitBinder initialization into WebBindingInitializer

There are two major means of data binding initialization, but there is a drawback in the oldschool one, that I can't figure out. This annotation way is great :

public void initBinder(WebDataBinder ...

4. Spring InitBinder

I'm having some trouble setting up an initBinder in Spring MVC. I have a ModelAttribute which has a field which will sometimes display.

public class Model {
  private String strVal;