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1. spring 3 mvc intercept all requests

Hi im wondering would it be possible to create global interceptor and set locale there. I have urlrewrite rules to rewrite /fr/* to /*?siteLang=fr I see examples how to set locale based on ...

2. How do I set up ServletForwardingController to intercept for jsp requests on weblogic

My end goal is to be able to use the spring message tag with configured messageSource on a legacy app using a model-1 architecture. I've done this in tomcat with ...

3. How to register handler interceptors with spring mvc 3.0?

It should be easy:

<bean id="handlerMapping"
    <property name="interceptors">

4. Intercept the view/response in Spring MVC 3

I am new to Spring MVC 3 and I understand the basic concepts. I am able to do simple things like create controllers and services and views. However, I haven't made ...

5. setting no cache for different parts of spring mvc 3 using WebContentInterceptor?

Hi there I have developed a dynamic web application that uses Ajax to fetch data from databases and keep the GUI up to date but while testing it with IE8 I ...

6. Spring AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter and annotation-reading interceptors

I have a basic Spring MVC controller that looks like this:

public void MyController {
     public String show() {

7. Do Spring MVC Interceptors only intercept specific mappings?

Using Spring MVC, do interceptors only intercept defined controller mappings or can they also be used to intercept general requests made within the servlet context?

8. siteMeshInterceptor except a page

i use siteMeshInterceptor for my spring mvc project. Is there a way excluding a page from interception? I want to solve this in dispatcherServlet, not in interceptor code. inceptor looks like this ...

9. Spring MVC: Why does this declaration work, but not the traditional XML?

I'm trying to add some HandlerInterceptorAdaptors to ALL of my Controllers/Actions in Spring MVC. I'm adding these to my servlet XML file. What I don't understand, is ...

10. Spring 3 mvc:resources causing mvc:interceptors to run multiple times

in Spring 3 MVC dispather-servlet.xml with the configuration below, it seems like everytime a .js file is called the interceptor is kicked off.

    <bean class="com.something.SomeInterceptor" />

11. Ajax request ommited by interceptors

I need to call my own intercpetor's methods when ajax requests (Accept application/json, text/javascript, */*; q=0.01) are received. I added it to DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping. My interceptor extends HandlerInterceptorAdapter and implements ServletContextAware, InitializingBean. ...

12. interceptors in spring MVC

I am trying learn Interceptors in spring but not able to understand it. I tried a sample example but get no success. I have created a simple interceptor like

public class testInterceptor ...

13. mvc:interceptors behavior change between 3.1.0.M1 and 3.1.0.M2

Now that I have the OSIVL and HFEL classes both attempting to bind sessions, it's obviously failing. Is this something that was "fixed" in this release that was "broke" in the ...

14. @ModelAttribute and interceptors

@ModelAttribute and interceptors I have an interceptor which marshalls from JSON to an object. Inside the preHandle method I marshall the json string into a command object and add it to ...

15. Interceptors with @MVC

Hi everyone, I think this should be a simple question for anyone who's done it before. I used to use ThemeChangeInterceptor and LocaleChangeInterceptor to detect changes in the user's language or ...

16. model intercepting