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I have configured in an Spring 3 application a ContentNegotiatingViewResolver so when I invoke a controller with a URL which looks like **.json it returns a json object using jackson library. If ...

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I'm familiar with how to return json from my @Controller methods using the @ResponseBody annotation. Now I'm trying to read some json arguments into my controller, but haven't had luck so far. Here's ...

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I'm currently working on a project which allows users to book (via the web) the use of a chosen resource for a given period of time. In this program I am ...

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We generate lots of JSON objects using Spring and its built-in MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter . All great. But now I want to html escape String values of my (any kind of) objects in order ...

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I'm using Spring MVC 3.0.5 with Jackson 1.7.2. I wish to implement a Dynamic Bean serializer assignment mechanism, for example, let's say that my MVC Controller returns (@ResponseBody) an Object of type ...

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I am using mvc:annotation-driven which meant that simply puttin the jackson jar files onto the classpath configured the Jackson json marhsaller. Now I would like to provide a custom object mapper ...

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I'm not sure whether this is a misconfiguration on my part, a misunderstanding of what can be accomplished via @ModelAttribute and automatic JSON content conversion, or a bug in either Spring ...

8. Spring 3.0 and jackson: posting a composite entitie with ajax+json    stackoverflow.com

well i'm working with spring 3.0 in conjunction with ajax and JSON, so i've the next domain class:

public class WebSite {
int id;
String description;
SimpleType type;

    //getters and setters ...

9. Spring mvc jackson json    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use JQuery with JSP ang Spring MVC. In the example I'm working on, it is given that,

// @ResponseBody will automatically convert the returned value into JSON format
// You ...

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Ok, so I've been looking at this for a little while now and am no further on. I've got a Spring MVC servlet that I need to accept JSON from ...

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Does anyone know any examples of using Jackson‘s @JsonFilter annotations in Spring MVC to enable a caller to specify a return type at runtime? I‘ve got a JSON API that I would ...

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What I am aiming to do is to configure spring mvc 3 to not return “null” object in json response. I've asked the question how to configure spring mvc 3 to ...

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I'm having trouble getting Jackson mixins working for embedded types when using @ResponseBody. I'm using spring MVC 3.0 and jackson 1.8. I have an object called EventEntry. That object has a property ...

14. Why is Jackson wrapping my objects with an extra layer named after the class?    stackoverflow.com

When I serialize

public class FOO {
int field1;
String field2;
I got the following.
Can you point me how can I make the output look like this

15. Custom Jackson Mapping for Inner Classes    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing an Spring MVC application that uses Jackson for JSON views. Suppose that I have two classes like following.

class A {
   String prop;
   B other;

16. Spring 3 ArrayList serialization to JSON with Jackson without wrapping to object (without name)    stackoverflow.com

I have simple resource which should return JSON array, but it returns object in which is array:

@RequestMapping(value = "/types", method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public List <JsonObject> types() {

17. Jackson 1.8.0 ObjectMapper to serialize/deserialize arbitrary classes    stackoverflow.com

How can I tell Jacksons ObjectMapper to serialize my own classes? Do I have to provide a serializer? Consider the following example:

public class MyType {
    private int a;

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I have a Spring MVC application that requires me to translate the id's and names of a list of a certain entity to an array of JSON objects with specific formatting, ...

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I have Spring REST application that can marshall an object to JSON when a GET request occurs. However what should I do for POST methods. I send a JSON object but ...

20. Spring and Jackson Json: serialising two different sets of fields    stackoverflow.com

I've a Classified interface, annotated with @JsonAutoDetect with Visibility.NONE, so I can pick individual getters to be serialized with the @JsonSerialize annotation

@JsonAutoDetect(getterVisibility = Visibility.NONE)
public interface Classified {


21. JSONP with Spring 3.0 and Jackson    stackoverflow.com

To return a JSON response with Spring 3.0 is enough to add a @ResponseBody annotation along with the @RequestMapping inside a @Controller. Provided that MapppingJacksonJson library is loaded and that the ...

22. Serializing enums with Jackson    stackoverflow.com

I have an Enum desrcibed below:

public enum OrderType {

  UNKNOWN(0, "Undefined"),
  TYPEA(1, "Type A"),
  TYPEB(2, "Type B"),
  TYPEC(3, "Type C");

  private Integer id;
  private String ...

23. which version of jackson lib corresponding to springmvc 3.0.5?    forum.springsource.org

curl http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/org/springframework/spring-web/3.0.5.RELEASE/spring-web-3.0.5.RELEASE.pom 2>/dev/null | sed -n '/jackson/{n;n;p;}' | awk -F '[<>]' '{print $3}'