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1. Specifying relative resource path via Spring XmlWebApplicationContext

The actual question is: Is there a way to get XmlWebApplicationContext to load resources using paths relative to the context location? For clarity's sake, let's say "context location" is the location ...

2. Spring Forms - How to Check for Error on Specific Path

I'm using the Spring Form library to handle a search page in my application. Here is a snipped from my DD showing the bean configuration:

<bean name="/search.html" class="myapp.web.AccountSearchController">

3. Spring rejecting bean name, no URL paths specified

I am trying to register an interceptor using a annotation-driven controller configuration. As far as I can tell, I've done everything correctly but when I try testing the interceptor nothing ...

4. Spring Web MVC: Use same request mapping for request parameter and path variable

Good people: is there a way to express that my Spring Web MVC controller method should be matched either by a request handing in a ID as part of the URI path ...

5. Best practice to manage the path breadcrumbs in Spring without Web flow

I am engaged in a project where I need to show path bread crumbs to the user like

Home (This is linked to home page) >> (page name)
and like

6. Spring MVC Annotation relative path problem

I am trying to convert my app written in spring mvc 2.5 to use the annotated style of controller. Apparently, I am unable to get things going. Hope somebody could help ...

7. Spring MVC URL Path Change

I am new to web programming and Spring MVC 2.5. I am not sure about my problem is spring sprecific or web specific in general. I have a menu.jsp and I use jsp:include ...

8. Does spring.ftl (freemarker bindings) support nested paths? How?

How can I write the freemarker templates like this:

<#import "spring.ftl" as s>

<@s.form path="object" action="/" method="POST">
    <@s.formInput "name"/> <!-- I want this resolved as "" -->

9. Spring MVC application context path

My Spring MVC application is runnning on a Tomcat behind an Apache 2 acting as a proxy. I access my app directly in tomcat via an url like http://localhost:8080/myapp. I access ...

10. Mapping Path Variable to Command Property

@RequestMapping(value = "/post/{postThreadId}", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String paramTest(PostParams params) {
    return params.toString();
Spring MVC Path Variable ("postThreadID") can be mapped to Command object field? PostParams have setPostThreadId(int ...) But, it looks ...

11. Spring Framework validate request parameter or path variable

I know I can validate forms in Spring, but can I apply similar validate to URL parameters? For example, I have a method in my controller as follows:

public String edit(@PathVariable("system") String ...

12. Spring path binding: is it bound directly to the variable or does it invoke the constructor/setters?

I have a spring bound form (modelAttribute) which displays the user information. The user's telephone number is displayed in a formatted manner but a requirement is that the number is saved to ...

13. How do we get the absolute path to the applications root directory using Spring?

I have an app that may run at http://serverA/m/ or http://serverA/mobile/. I have a shared header with a search form that needs to go to

14. SpringMVC: Is it possible to define more than one path on the form tag?

Hey, I'm pretty new in Spring MVC, and I'm learning the JSP tags and data. I have this Spring jsp where I want to fill a dropdown box with data from ...

15. Spring MVC 3.0: How to validate path variable that is global to all request mappings efficiently?

I'm trying to get my feet wet with Spring MVC 3.0, and while I can get it to work, I can't seem to handle this particular scenario efficiently. I have a controller ...

16. Context path in URIs of static resources, do I really need to specify it?

I have a simple web app

            - a.gif

17. Different paths resolver

I have a question I am struggling with. Just a hypothetical situation here. For example I have two folders jspPages1 and jspPages2. There are jsp pages I want to keep separated. ...

18. How to set properly the loader path of velocity

i would like that my velocityengine look for templates from a designed path. i did this :

<bean id="velocityEngine" class="org.springframework.ui.velocity.VelocityEngineFactoryBean">
 <property name="velocityProperties">

19. Can I use relative path in Spring bean definition?

Is there a way to use relative path, say relative to class path or /META-INF in Spring bean definition file? This is a bit different from using ServletContext to obtain such ...

20. Redirect with GET needs relative path, why?

I am very new to Spring MVC and am seeing a rather trivial behavior I don't understand. Bellow you can find snippets to my Controller (consider I have feed.jsp and feedList.jsp). What ...

21. About mvc:intercepter,how to set excluded path

As we know, we can config an interceptor like that:

        <mvc:mapping path="/outfit/**" />
        <bean class="OpenSessionInViewInterceptor">

22. How to get url path from jsp in Spring MVC framework

To remove the language toggle from the page view(Comfirmation Page) I found this code but it doesn't work in Spring MVC

<c:if test="${!fn:contains(pageContext.request.servletPath,'/comfirmation')}">
         //Other Code
  • My ...

23. Spring mvc:mapping path rules

I need to map interceptor for all methods in annotated controller with @RequestMapping(value = "/client") In mapping I have

   <mvc:mapping path="/app/client/*"/>
   <bean class="com.cci.isa.web.CIPClientHandleInterceptor" />
This interceptor called perfectly ...

24. Spring 3.0 multiple @PathVariable's problem

In my application I have to compare 3 products for that in my controller I mapped request as

@RequestMapping(value = "/products/{proId1}Vs{proId2}Vs{proId3}", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ModelAndView compareThreeProducts(@PathVariable("proId1") int id1, @PathVariable("proId2") int id2, ...

25. JstlView adds path prefix recursively causing StackOverflowError

all, I am writing a demo application to learn usage of the
class. When I run the application; I get a stack over flow error and logs show that /WEB-INF/view/ is getting ...

26. Spring MVC: FileNotFoundException "\Uploads\MyUploads\loading.gif (The system cannot find the path specified)"

Problem Context: I am trying to persist a file, uploaded by the user, to file system. Description: Actually, I am using Spring MVC (3.0) and this is how I am trying to persist the ...

27. @PathVariable equivalent for Spring 2.5

I am working on some legacy code running Spring 2.5. I need to use something similar to Spring 3's @PathVariable...anything similar available in Spring 2.5?


Posted in spring forum with no response. I have the following code snippet (from here), which is part of my pet project.

public class MediaBrowser {

29. Absolute path in instead of path relative to mapping of spring servlet

I'm trying to map a request to static resources in a spring environment. My app server is Jetty. In web.xml, I'm mapping various url patterns to my spring servlet:


30.  and PathVariable

pls help me to resolve next issue! I have next config:

<mvc:resources location="/images/" mapping="/images/**"/>
<mvc:resources location="/css/" mapping="/css/**"/>
<mvc:resources location="/javascript/" mapping="/javascript/**"/>
and everything is working fine for my resources in requests like:
but when i have request ...

31. Spring MVC: no URL paths identified

I've googled this problem, but no one seem so the have exactly the same problem as me. I'm trying to setup a simple Spring MVC application. These are the relevant files: web.xml

<?xml version="1.0" ...

32. URL path matching problem in Spring MVC 3.0

URL path matching problem in Spring MVC 3.0 Hi, I have problem with URL matching in Spring MVC 3.0 in tomcat 6.0. I have mapped DispatcherServlet with following mapping in my ...

33. mvc:mapping path rules

Hello I need to map interceptor for all methods in annotated controller with @RequestMapping(value = "/client") In mapping I have This interceptor called perfectly ...

34. Mapping path containing jsp's (spring MVC)

Hi, how do i map the path/folder which contains the jsp files so that i can view list of all my jsp from within HTML ... I know i may need ...

35. no URL paths identified with Spring MVC 3.0

no URL paths identified with Spring MVC 3.0 Hello I have an application with Spring MVC 3.0, my goal is to use annotation to the web tier, we have proceeded to ...

36. Spring 3 MVC validation binding

I validate my formular with javax.validation... JSP: Code: User* UserName is not a String, it is an Object: Class UserName: Code: public class UserName ...

37. Path parameters in Spring MVC 3

38. spring 3 with tiles 2 mvc:annotation adds context path in front of /WEB-INF/...

spring 3 with tiles 2 mvc:annotation adds context path in front of /WEB-INF/... using spring 3.0.5 release and tiles 2.2.2 myapp-servlet.xml Code: