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1. designing consoles for hardware appliances    stackoverflow.com

What are the best practices in designing UI for hardware appliances? Are there any frameworks in Java that are particularly suited to this task?

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I am trying to create a actionUrl using the following code

<portlet:actionURL var="actionUrl"><portlet:param name='action' value='viewModules' /></portlet:actionURL>
and map that onto a spring controller However the controller does not respond as the generated ...

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I've a portlet that handles tariffs and tariff categories. I'm using Liferay 5.2.3 and Spring Portlet framework.

The portlet should work in two modes when added on page:
  1. display main screen - ...

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I have a project coming up involving portlet development on Websphere Portal Server 5.1. I'm leaning towards using PortletMVC as the framework for the front tier, but am a little uneasy ...

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Spring-Portlet-MVC and Liferay and OracleAS Portal First of all: Thank you for Spring-Portlet-MVC! Talking Finally a piece of code, that really made it simple to start with portlets! The sample petportlet ...

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Hello, Sorry for the long title but I have to! I'm facing an issue with Spring MVC portlet using JSTL view running on tomcat with the openportal portlet container. I'm pretty ...