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1. Spring's Json not being resolved with appropriate response

I've tried to have a controller in Spring return a JSON response to no avail using the Jackson classes as recommended with 3.0. I've got the jackson jar files(jackson-core-asl-1.5.5.jar ...

2. Spring MVC -> JSON response

I hava a JAVA EE backend and I am using Spring MVC. I have a AJAX call like this:

function getAllProjects() {
        $.getJSON("project/getall", function(allProjects) {

3. Why do we set status response?

In many tutorials, i Have seen the code below :

response.setStatus( ...);
What is the purpose of this?

4. Spring MVC - Response

How can I access the response object from a bean? To get the request object I use the following.

    ServletRequestAttributes attr = (ServletRequestAttributes) 

5. how to configure spring mvc 3 to not return "null" object in json response?

a sample of json response looks like this:

It would be nice to truncate out all null objects in the response. In this case, the response would become {"publicId":"123"}. Any advice? Thanks! P.S: ...

6. Spring-MVC 406 Not Acceptable instead of JSON Response

I'm trying to return a JSON response with Spring 3.0.6, but I get a 406 response "Not Acceptable", with the description: "The resource identified by this request is only capable of ...

7. Spring MVC Json response - StackOverflow error

I am getting following exception with Json response. The stackoverflow error doesnt show issue with any fields so Im not sure where to put @jsonIgnore annotation...

Infinite recursion (StackOverflowError) 
(through reference chain:org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl["persistenceContext"
>org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl["persistenceContext"]- ...

8. Disable enriching Model in response

For most of the return types in RequestMapping, the doc says: "The model will be implicitly enriched with command objects..." As such, my command object appears in the output. I haven't ...

9. Spring MVC:"Response already committed" why??

Spring MVC:"Response already committed" why?? Dear All: I have some trouble when I use Spring MVC,can you help me? It's good when I use one tomcat web server,but it's trouble if ...