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1. Spring MVC Form tags: Is there a standard way to add "No selection" item?    stackoverflow.com

There is a select dropdown and I want to add "No selection" item to the list wich should give me 'null' when submitted. I'm using SimpleFormController derived controller.

protected Map referenceData(HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest, Object ...

2. How is the Spring MVC spring:bind tag working and what are the meanings of status.expression and status.value?    stackoverflow.com

Let's discuss on the following example:

<spring:bind path="user.userName">
    <input type="text" name="${status.expression}" value="${status.value}"/>
    <span class="fieldError">${status.errorMessage}</span>
When this view snippet gets rendered, what do ${status.expression} and ${status.value} get evaluated ...

3. Restricting the scope of a model in JSP    stackoverflow.com

If i put an object named "foo" into model in Spring controller, and want to limit its scope, how can I do this. Let's say I have a page which uses a ...

4. Spring application root variable    stackoverflow.com

I access my Spring application right now as follows:

In my JSPs I'd like to have access to my application root instead of hardcoding hyperlinks to the homepage as <a href="/my-app">. ...

5. Cannot find tag library discriptor error: displaytag & spring    stackoverflow.com

I get three errors in 2 of my .jsp pages namely: Line 1:

<%@ taglib prefix="spring" uri="/spring" %>
Errror message: Can not find the tag library descriptor for "/spring" Line 2:
<%@ taglib uri="http://displaytag.sourceforge.net/" prefix="display" %>
Error ...

6. Using spring:nestedPath tag    stackoverflow.com

I have this code, I know I'm missing something but don't know what. It would be great if you help me out. I'm new to Spring MVC. I'm trying out a ...

7. extending spring form tag library attributes    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Spring's form tag library in a Spring MVC application that I am developing. The company I am working for has implemented some company-wide policies based on the definition of ...

8. Spring-MVC Common Model Attributes Used in Tags or Page Fragments    stackoverflow.com

It's common to have many pages in a website that request the same model attributes, for example, a header that renders the current users name, or a column that needs a ...

9. Auto Select Option Tag in Spring MVC    stackoverflow.com

Does anybody have an idea on how to auto select option tag? I checked at the spring form tag library but cant see any property related to an option value being selected ...

10. form:options tag cause error : Bean property is not readable or has an invalid getter method    stackoverflow.com

I want to use the form:options provided by Spring to provide choices.

My JSP implemented with Spring 2.5 is 
      <td><form:select path="billingType">

11. Spring MVC + FreeMarker: How to render option tag?    stackoverflow.com

The Spring 3 MVC docs state that option tags can be rendered like this:


12. can i use stripes tag library and spring mvc togther    stackoverflow.com

I want to use stripes tag library specifically layout features. My rest of the project is handled by spring mvc. Is this possible to use stripes without adding any stripes filter? ...

13. how spring mvc tag works?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to write some kind of raw html to mimic what spring mvc tag produces after page rendering(and I do make them look exactly the same if you open ...

14. If you use a regular HTML
tag instead of the Spring tag, how do you specify where it's submitted?    stackoverflow.com

In the Spring docs, the section on multipart support has an example of specifying a multipart form as this:

<form method="post" action="upload.form" enctype="multipart/form-data">
This doesn't use the Spring form tags which ...

15. Can you mix and match Spring form tags and regular HTML form tags in a single HTML form?    stackoverflow.com

I have a legacy HTML form that I want to make into a Spring form. Do I need to switch all of the form tags to Spring form tags or could ...

16. Tag Libraries for Spring MVC    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing a web application using Spring MVC. Although Spring MVC comes with a couple of tag libraries, they are not rich as Struts' counterpart. What I miss most is <html:xhtml>. Those ...

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