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1. Spring resource bundle custom annotation message    stackoverflow.com

Is there a naming convention for writing the resource bundle key in spring custom annotations? I have this message inside a custom annotation:

String message() default "{ro.scorpionsoftware.demo3.customAnnotations.checkCase.CheckCase.message}";
And in my properties file ...

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Using sp:message tag and MessageFormat in resource bundle Hello, I'm using sp:message tag in my jsp to present a internationalizated date format to the user. I mean, the date format that ...

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As suggested in in the other thread answering the same/similair question, read chapter 3.8.2 and the web chapter of the reference guide... However a aconcrete answer no you cannot...

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Can't find bundle for base name classpath:message Hi I am having trouble in getting the resource bundle getting picked up by my app. Here are the configs setting: *-servlet.xml