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1. Tracking object in Spring Container

I have a question out of curiosity.. Is it possible to track object created and destroyed by Spring container? What I am thinking of is not logging but some kind of ...

2. Does IOC container makes object's when project is deployed?

How IOC container helps maintaing objects by creating once and injecting when required???

3. Object creation and initialization sequence using Spring


A system has the following high-level steps:
  1. Main. Create the system entry point (e.g., the ReportBean).
  2. Report Factory. Create a class that hides knowledge of how reports are created. As reports are created ...

4. How to use constructor-arg for an object not created by container

I am trying to create a bean using the BeanFactory. The constructor for the bean needs to reference a java object which cannot be created by the Spring container. Is this ...

5. Container Cannot Find Command Object

Container Cannot Find Command Object Hi, I am building a small web app to learn Spring 2.5. I have a screen to add a new random phrase to a database, phrase ...