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1. @Autowired objects getting null value

Trying to set up a project but fail at Autowiring objects through Spring.

package se.hsr.web;

public class TestRunner {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

2. Can Spring EL (SpEL) be configured to ignore null objects in the middle of an expression

If I have the expression: obj1.obj2.obj3 And obj2 is null, then expression fails with an exception. Is there any way to configure SpEL to just return null?

3. Autowired objects null?

Autowired objects null? I have a class similar to this (extraneous code snipped): Code: package com.mycompany.myproj; import java.util.List; import com.mycompany.persistence.dao.myStuffDao; import com.mycompany.persistence.model.myStuff; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired; public class MyThread implements Runnable { @Autowired ...

4. null objects

null objects Say I have a "Data" object, which has (amongst other things) a "Price" object, which has an "amount" and a "comment". I want to display the "Data" object on ...

5. Object becomes null after injection

Object becomes null after injection Hi, I use a combination of GWT, Hibernate and Spring. The problem is that whenever I access my GWTSpringController, my dao object is null. When I ...

6. command object is coming null when i am using multipart resolver for file uploading

command object is coming null when i am using multipart resolver for file uploading this the code that i am writing in my application context(xyz-servlet.xml)

10. Command Object Null

Hi, I used the code in Spring MVC tutorial on this site to customize my project for Spring. I am getting command object as null when the form controller runs. Can ...

11. Getting null values in command object

Getting null values in command object Hi I am using a simpleformcontroller for my jsp. In the jsp I am binding the values to the variables of my command class with ...

12. null objects in channels

null objects in channels How can I send null objects down a channel? In the following example MyServiceActivator.myMethod returns null. I want this null object to be sent down the 'output' ...

13. Dependency Injection Not working..Object is reset to null

Dependency Injection Not working..Object is reset to null I have a question regarding dependency injection We are using weblogic 10.3,spring 2.5(annotation based ), JPA and webservice Following is my applicationContext.xml