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1. JSON and XML from Roo RESTful controllers

I've got my Spring Roo project set up and it's all great, but the views are rendered with Tiles, and I'd love to have them just rendered to JSON (possibly to ...

2. Need application/json from RESTful Roo application

I've created a basic RESTful Roo application using the following Roo-script (Roo 1.1.5).

project --topLevelPackage com.roorest
persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database HYPERSONIC_IN_MEMORY 
entity --class ~.domain.MyClass
field string --fieldName String1
web mvc setup
web mvc all ...

3. Generating RESTful controllers without full scaffolding

I want the Roo-generated JSON controller stuff. I don't want the full HTML scaffolding stuff. As far as I can see, I can only generate the former as an aspect on the ...

4. RESTful roo?

RESTful roo? Hi guys, ok maybe I'm just a bit of a noob (admittedly). but I was thinking that since Roo is built on RESTful services, that I could simply add ...

5. Roo and RESTful web services example

Roo and RESTful web services example Hello everyone, I'm a dummy, new to roo and Spring overall, so therefore my questions might be very stupid or simple. I found roo very ...