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1. How can I create a base domain object with Spring Roo?

So I'm creating my domain objects for my Spring Roo app. I've got two similar domain objects that I'd like to inherit from a base object.

~.domain.ColorLayer extends ~.domain.LayerBase
~.domain.ImageLayer extends ~.domain.LayerBase
Is ...

2. How to setup a relationship so that more than one type of object can be in a set with Spring Roo

My domain thus far looks like:

~.domain.ImageLayer extends ~.domain.RenderLayer
~.domain.ColorLayer extends ~.domain.RenderLayer
I'd like to add a set field to RenderJob named 'layers'. Elements in the set can be either of type ImageLayer or ...

3. Roo 1.1.1 and inheritance

Roo 1.1.1 and inheritance type with GWT 2.1.1 Hi just wonder which inheritance types are provided with roo-1.1.1 and GWT 2.1.1 1. SINGLE_TABLE 2. TABLE_PER_CLASS 3. MAPPED_SUPERCLASS 4.JOINED Out of the ...

4. roo produces wrong tests in inheritance of entities

roo produces wrong tests in inheritance of entities Hi there. I use STS-2.6.0-SR1 with Roo 1.1.3 I defined one abstract entity A and I defined two entities B and C which ...

5. Can I create a entity inherited from another in Roo-Shell?

Hi All, I created a entity (e.g. User), and would like to create another entity (e.g. Manager) which inherited from User. How can I do this in Roo? If Roo does ...

6. roo-1.1.0.M1: Inheritance issue in HBM/MYSQL/TABLE_PER_CLASS

roo-1.1.0.M1: Inheritance issue in HBM/MYSQL/TABLE_PER_CLASS I believe this issue relates to issue 'ROO-292'. 1) Issuing the ff. sequence of commands fails on 'perform tests': >persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database MYSQL <...and ...