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1. Spring Security - Prevent AccessDeniedException from stopping application normal flow

I'm using Spring Secuirty 3 with ACL module. I'm securing the methods with @PreAuthentication annotations using a custom PermissionEvaluator. Its working fine, however every time the PermissionEvaluator returns an ACCESS_DENIED an ...

2. AccessDeniedException; Spring Security

I am using the Spring Security default login page and if my user get to a page that he should not be getting to based on role and url he gets ...

3. AccessDeniedException if using RoleHierarchyImpl

I am using role hierarchy in Spring Security.

<beans:bean id="roleVoter" class="">
    <beans:constructor-arg ref="roleHierarchy" />

<beans:bean id="roleHierarchy"
    <beans:property name="hierarchy">

5. AccessDeniedException + required roles / authorities

On my 403 error page, i'd like to know what the required roles / authorities were for accessing the secured resource. I am not entirely sure how to do this - ...