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1. Is there a Spring Security DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator implementation that supports nested groups?

I am trying to get a Pentaho-BI server which uses spring security to support nested LDAP roles. My group structure is as follows:

  • PentahoAdmins (group)
    • Members: Domain Admins
  • Domain Admins (group)
    • Members: User1
  • User1 (user)
I would ...

2. DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator: Need username instead of DN for querying user roles

DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator: Need username instead of DN for querying user roles I've already posted this to JIRA, as it seems to be a common enough requirement; was curious to see if anyone ...

3. DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator: problem with role assignment

DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator: problem with role assignment I am having a problem with configuring Spring Security to retrieve the role of a validated user from the LDAP using DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator. The DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator is configured ...

4. DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator returns no roles from search

DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator returns no roles from search I use Ldap to authenticate against Novell eDir. The authentication works. But there is no role returned from DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator.getGroupMembership Roles(): "Roles from search: []". Here ...

5. Replace DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator in security namespace

Hello, I am having notorious problem with Active Directory causing org.springframework.ldap.PartialResultException. Doing the Code: ldapTemplate.setIgnorePartialResultException(true); solves the problem, but I can't figure out the way to achieve this when using security ...