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1. Does it make sense to have more than one MethodSecurityInterceptor bean?

Can two MethodSecurityInterceptor beans be defined as follows?

   <bean id="moduleOneMethodSecurity" 
        <property name="accessDecisionManager"><ref bean="serviceAccessDecisionManager"/></property>

2. Spring Security MethodSecurityInterceptor

i've got an java application running on tomcat6. i'm using spring 3.0.4 and spring security 3.0.5. to protect the access of my dao methods i want to use the spring security MethodSecurityInterceptor. ...

3. Acegi MethodSecurityInterceptor not firing

Jan 16th, 2007, 07:49 AM #1 aeon View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Jan 2007 Posts 5 Acegi MethodSecurityInterceptor not firing Hello I'm trying to secure ...

4. MethodSecurityInterceptor and security by method argument

Hi, a standard MethodSecurityInterceptor can only intercept by method name, not by name and argument. Whats the way to achieve this? Overriding it? Or shall I write a simple BeforeAdvice, checking ...

5. Securing Methods with MethodSecurityInterceptor

Securing Methods with MethodSecurityInterceptor Hi, maybe I missed something, but from the Acegi docu I was not able to figure out how to properly configure the MethodSecurityInterceptor to secure a method ...

6. Order of Spring ThrowsAdvice and Acegi MethodSecurityInterceptor

Order of Spring ThrowsAdvice and Acegi MethodSecurityInterceptor Hi! I use Spring 2.0.5 and Acegi 1.0.3. I use in my application ThrowsAdvice and secure my application with MethodSecurityInterceptor. ThrowsAdvice is handled before ...

7. Can't secure my dao with MethodSecurityInterceptor

Can't secure my dao with MethodSecurityInterceptor Hi, I'm trying to secure my Services with a MethodSecurityInterceptor, but it does not work at all. Here is my configuration Code: