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1. Spring security and @PostFilter

I have this object:

public class myBr {

    public List<Bibliotheque> getB() {
        return super.getAll();

2. @PostFilter help

can sombody give me help on the @postfilter annotation in which i have to compare the id of two object eg @postfilter( and hasRole(Admin) public List . . how i can do it please ...

3. Spring Security 3: @PostFilter not working

Hi I am new to Spring Security 3 and was trying out @PostFilter on a method declared in an Interface but the returned Collection is not getting filtered. Here is the code:

public ...

4. When does a Spring @PostFilter execute?

I am using spring's @Around annotations to provide caching of DAO calls and also using spring security's @PostFilter to restrict the viewing of certain records. However I am concerned that the ...

5. Spring security @PostFilter in combination with maxResults

I am using Spring security for my web services. I'm using annotations to specify the security conditions. Right now I'm facing the following problem. Consider the following service method:

@PostFilter("hasPermission(filterObject, 'read')")
@Transactional(readOnly = ...