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1. Using spring3 @Value to access PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer values?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to set the value of a string in a spring bean using @Value, when my property source is a subclass of PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer. Anyone know how to do this ? ...

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I want to use @PreAuthorize annotation on service methods with Spring Security. One of requirements is to use role-hierarchy. But by default it is not enabled. I found that in SecurityExpressionRoot class ...

3. Access message source from EL    stackoverflow.com

Suppose I have the following message source file:

I always access it in the following way:
<fmt:message key="title" />
but I'd prefer to use EL instead, something like:
Is there a way to use expression ...

4. List of Spring EL Variables?    stackoverflow.com

Spring EL supports a some predefined variables

  • {#systemProperties. ... }
  • {#systemEnvironment. ... }
  • {#request. ...}
  • {#session. ...}
The first two once are documented in the Spring Reference: chapter 6. Spring Expression Language (SpEL). The two ...

5. Spring EL and current user    forum.springsource.org

No there is not. Note that if something like this were implemented the object would need to be bound to a request scope. If you are using something like Spring MVC, ...

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Access WebApplicationContext in custom EL function Hello, in order to create a custom EL function, I created a simple class with just one static method. I declared this function in the ...

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Is this jar available in the Spring Framework 2.0.3? At the moment I am unable to download this jar for use with my application. Is there any other way to get ...

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