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1. Error creating bean with name '_filterChainProxy': Initialization of bean failed; nested exception is java.lang.NullPointerException


<bean id="defaultEntryPoint" class="">
    <property name="securityConfiguration" ref="securityConfiguration" />
    <!-- Default filter chain proxy -->
    <property name="proxy" ref="_filterChainProxy" />
inside web.xml

2. Enquiries: acegi's FilterToBeanProxy & FilterChainProxy

Pls refer to the 2 fragments below, the A) and B). - according to "filterChainProxy" in B), may i know is id="filterChainProxy" is called from where, which class??? A) web.xml ...

3. FilterChainProxy Authentication

FilterChainProxy Authentication hello, I'm practice using the FilterChainProxy described in springsecurity module document(The document is not very clear and it doesnt include any examples) in that i want to customize things ...