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1. How to load/access a bean (@Resource) in a custom Velocity tool

I realize this is a slightly funky thing to need to do, but I'm trying to access my Spring messageSource bean from a custom Velocity tool. In most of our codebase, I'm ...

2. Spring MVC: Resolving the view based on User-Agent

Spring Version: 2.5.6 I want to resolve the view to a specific velocity file based on the value of the User-Agent header. My current line of thinking is an implementation similar to the ...

3. spring velocity layout header value

I am using spring + velocity + spring security for my web application. for header velocity layout is used. In header in need some values such as user name, role etc... how can ...

4. Error with spring session [ Cannot expose session attribute 'user' because of an existing model object of the same name]

Hi i am getting following error

javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot expose session attribute 'user' because of an existing model object of the same name
public class ...

5. Velocity access to application scope attributes?

Velocity access to application scope attributes? Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I can currently working through a proof of concept to determine view technology suitability for our application. I've ...

6. Velocity & Acegi

Hi, I'm interested in using Acegi for security in my system, however I'm not sure how it integrates with Velocity, since that's what I'm going to use rather than JSP. In ...

7. How to access ServletContext in Velocity

Another approach would perhaps be to specifically get the properties you need from ServletContext and put them in your ModelAndView, for Spring MVC seems to promote passing data to views through ...

8. Hiding freemarker/velocity strack traces from end users

If I am using freemarker for my view technology, if I make a syntax error in the template, it dumps the whole stack trace into the browser white screen of death. ...

9. Acegi + Velocity

Hi, can anyone give me example how to use acegi with velocity? I need to check roles, something like $authz.allGranted("ROLE_XXX") Thx

10. Spring Security and Velocity