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1. How to keep an Hibernate's Session open until the page is rendered

I'm having the following problem:

  • I'm using Oracle ADF for the view and controller of my app.
  • With OpenSessionInViewFilter, I intercept the request and open an Hibernate's Session, and it is closed as ...

2. Oracle Streams AQ. session.getQueue throwing AQOracleSQLException: Exhausted Resultset

Using Oracle Streams AQ in a multithreaded/multi-app environment I received an AQOracleSQLException: Exhausted Resultset after about 10 minutes of operation in one thread only.

oracle.AQ.AQOracleSQLException: Exhausted Resultset

3. Implementing DB Session connectivity using JPA persistence in Spring

Hi All We are developing an application in Struts2-Spring-JPA, In this application we are using sessions.xml and persistence.xml to manage oracle DB sessions. In Spring serviceimpl class constructor by calling getSession() method we ...