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1. Can I use Struts2 without Spring IOC?

I don't know Struts/Struts2 at all. So before learn it, I want to know Can I use Struts2 without Spring IOC?

2. Struts and Ioc

Hi I've been using Spring Struts extensions using the ActionSupport class. Now the problem I'm getting is that I'm doing a lot of dynamic lookup inside the action class. Is there ...

3. integrating struts into spring ioc

integrating struts into spring ioc If I use the method described in the manual to integrate struts by extending the spring action support classes, where or how do I ensure the ...

4. problem with spring ioc and struts action

i'm trying to wire spring and struts but i ran into some problems. i tried updating the database directly using SQLyog(mysql client) but when i refreshed my page, the text displayed ...

5. Interceptor IOC with Spring

6. Struts 2 Spring IOC problem