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1. Spring Injecting into Struts RequestProcessor

I wrote a custom Struts RequsetProcessor for my application that is manually fetching some references from Spring. It is working just fine, but I would like to do the "right" ...

2. Auto-injecting Struts Actions

Auto-injecting Struts Actions I'm coming to Spring from Pico/NanoContainer, using Spring with an existing Struts application. With Nano, you don't have to mention your Struts actions in your DI framework configuration; ...

3. Can Spring inject into Struts2 plugins?

I've read information about how Spring can inject properties into Struts2 actions, but I have a situation where I need to inject property values into a Struts2 plugin defined in the ...

4. [S2] Problem injecting String with Spring plugin

5. S2: TypeConverters and Spring Injection

6. Spring Injected Preparer

7. Spring Injected Preparer