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1. Struts/Spring with Tiles error-page

I'm still a newbie, and I'm not sure how else to implement custom error pages. I'm using tiles, and I believe this project has the struts2 and spring framework mangled together. I did ...

2. using internationalization on list data

i am using Struts2 in application.

<s:iterator value="listObject">
<s:component template="abc.vm"> 
    <s:param name="text" value="listValue" /> 
    <s:param name="prefix" value="listIndex" /> 
listValue is a values of ...

3. Internationalization problem with Struts menu

Still problem I have studied the Struts menu documentation. I found how to load strings from message bundle. I already now now work internationalisation in Struts menu...and it works. Now I ...

4. Issue using Struts2's i18n interceptor and Spring "actions"