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1. Autowiring Thread class in spring

Is it possible to autowire a Thread class in spring like controller, Service? If yes what annotation shall I use to autowire such class? Thanks, Hanumant.

2. Bean Autowiring problem

I am starter in mutithreading. I am trying to index my data into solr.For that I was writing the following code I am getting null pointer exception in the line highlighted

3. How do you invoke a Runnable using Spring Framework?

I have a service that needs to invoke a runnable class. Here are the lines of code that are being used in my service.

private LinkBrc2MemberProfile brcTask;       ...

4. Pitfalls for @Autowired and Threads

I wondering if I should exspect any problems when I autowire threads with prototype scope. The thread:

public class MyThread extends Thread {
The thread starting class:
public class ThreadStarter {


5. @Autowired in multi-threaded environment

Hello, Quick question (I hope) : Does autowiring work in a multi-threaded environment? If so, is anything special needed in order to get the different threads to recognize the application context? ...

6. Autowired thread

I have an application that Uses a long running thread to monitor resources. I need to autowire a dao object into my thread. Is that possible with spring? If so, how ...