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1. ActiveMQ JMS XA Atomikos - Transaction not started error

The situation is we want to use XA transactions to coordinate activity between ActiveMQ and Hibernate (Sql Server 2008). We are using:

  • Spring 3.0.5
  • Hibernate 3.6.2
  • ActiveMQ 5.5.0
  • Atomikos 3.7
We are seeing the following errors getting ...

2. ActiveMQ Spring.Net NmsTemplate transaction

i'm trying to manage transaction using nms template. Only when i use AcknowledgementMode.IndividualAcknowledge messages stay on the server, other modes behave like autocommit.

ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory("tcp://localhost:61616/");
NmsTemplate template = new ...

3. Spring Integration JMS Outbound adapter transaction control

in order to reach high performance production of messages with jms with transactions enabled, one needs to control the amount of messages being sent on each transaction, the larger the number ...

4. Multiple (Tomcat + ActiveMQ + Mysql) Transaction Management

We have Multiple Tomcat providing web services for our internal product. Tomcat, Active MQ servers are different Web services call sequence

  1. Tomcat Receive request
  2. Start DB Transaction (Spring Transaction)
  3. Execute some business logic
  4. Generate certain events ...