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1. Jax-ws, spring and SpringBeanAutowiringSupport

although in my @Webservice class I extend SpringBeanAutowiringSupport, autowiring simply does not work for Spring 2.5, tomcat6. nothing is injected. I tested those beans autowiring in main method, using classpathcontext, everything is ...

2. @autowired @qualifier pointing to a service in a jar file application

I am using another application's service,since everything is already made and done. My application is to use the interface class inside the application jar. but something seem to be wrong when this code ...

3. Is it possible to use Spring 3 @Autowired annotation inside @Service?

I'm using class that is not called by my @Controller directly and when I try to use @Autowired propeprty in that class what is defined as @Service, property is null. But ...

4. Apache Axis2 and Spring3 how to use @Autowired

I haven't used Apache Axis since my 1.x days so I am little rusty here. My question is this.... How do I go about using the @Autowired annotation in my Apache ...

5. Autowiring a service into a validator

This example is a bit contrived; I've simplified it to remove extraneous details and to focus on the problem I am having. I have a validator that looks like this:

public class ...

6. Java/Spring Problem with @Service and @Autowired annotations

[spring 3.0.5] [jboss 5.1] I have several classes labeled as @Service, which implements thet same interface. For example,

public TestImpl1 implements Test {} 
public TestImpl2 implements Test {} 
Next, I have the following ...

7. How to make an @WebService spring aware

I have a Web Service which I am trying to Autowire a variable into. Here is the class:

package com.xetius.isales.pr7.service;

import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;

import javax.jws.WebService;

import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;

import com.xetius.isales.pr7.domain.PR7Product;
import com.xetius.isales.pr7.domain.PR7Upgrade;
import com.xetius.isales.pr7.logic.UpgradeControllerInterface;


8. do i need to explicitly use "autowire" in xml file to autowire in Spring web app

I tried so much and then find out the i didn't use autowire = "byName" in bean and thats why it was not autowriring. 1) i want to ask that is ...

9. Spring's autowired service

I want to call method on different service objects based on a request parameter. I have this currently..

public class HomeController {

AService aService;

BService bService;

@RequestMapping(value="home", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String checkList(ModelMap modelMap, HttpServletRequest request){

10. Spring: What is the best way to configure at startup time which service beans should be initialized?

Ok, this might sound like a weird question, but here's the catch: We have a Spring-based application here that has different "setup" modes. In one mode it needs to use additional ...

11. Problem autowiring a @Service into a third party library

At the moment I'm Autowiring myService into various objects in my app and it works fine.

private MyService myService;
using this config:
<context:component-scan base-package="com.myapp.mypackage" />
However, I've added a third party library and want to ...

12. Autowire annotation in JAX-RS and Spring

I am trying to add REST support to my Spring 3 + Hibernate application. I have created the REST support using the wizard from Netbeans, at it has put a @Autowire ...

13. Spring @Autowire Bean constructor NoSuchBeanDefinitionException Hibernate Service

I have the following error, when I try to Autowire my Bean constructor:

Caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No matching bean of type [dimensionmanagement.service.DimensionService] found for dependency: expected at least 1 bean ...

14. Spring AutoWired in Service Class Exception

I will be mad soon guys :) I have a basic Service class look likes

public class CategoryService {

CategoryDaoImp categoryDaoImp;

public void asdasdas()


public CategoryService()
    System.out.println("Bla Bla");

} Here is ...

15. Custom JSONDeserializer with service autowired

I need custom JSONDeserializer, but I need to autowire a service in it, so I can load an object from the hibernate session. When I call deserialize method the service is ...

16. JAX-WS class doesn't autowire my Bean

JAX-WS class doesn't autowire my Bean Hello, my intention is to inject a Bean with the @Autowire annotation to a JAX-WS Annotiated class. This is working for a normal pring WS ...

17. @Autowire @Service

@Autowire @Service I wasn't able to use @autowired with @service. I'm gettting null pointer exception when this method is called carImpl.print(). May be there is sth wrong with the applicationContext.xml. Can ...

18. Spring's autowired service objects

Spring's autowired service objects I want to call method on different service objects based on a request parameter. I have this currently.. Code: @Controller public class HomeController { @Autowired AService aService; ...

19. @Autowired and services in a jar

@Autowired and services in a jar Hi, I've created 2 projects, the first one is my core. It has the following packages: -core.controller -core.service -core.dao -core.entity All the above classes ...

20. @Configurable and @Autowired working (with LTW) in regular test app but not in webapp

@Configurable and @Autowired working (with LTW) in regular test app but not in webapp Hi all, Using Spring 3.0.6, I have created a simple test to see how load-time weaving works ...

21. Apache CXF @Autowire problem

Apache CXF @Autowire problem I am having some problem with @Autowire annotation. I am using apache cxf for the web service publisher. The problem is that when I try to autowire ...

22. BeanFactory tries to autowire on startup of Webapp

Jun 26th, 2006, 05:20 AM #1 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Jun 2006 Location Dresden, Germany Posts 6 BeanFactory tries to autowire on startup ...

23. @Autowired inside @Configuration doesn't seem to work for imported Services

@Autowired inside @Configuration doesn't seem to work for imported Services Hello- I'm using Spring dm and the javaconfig-style @Configuration annotation to move my bundle's beans configuration into a single top-level bean. ...

24. Having hard time autowiring WebService

Having hard time autowiring WebService Hi All, Hoping someone maybe able to help here as I'm beginning to get pretty stumped.. I have an already nicely 'autowired' j2ee application with spring ...

25. Autowired failed - Bean=Null - in WebApp

Autowired failed - Bean=Null - in WebApp Hi, I'm trying to get my beans autowired within a WebApp. My application is using Spring+Stripes+Hibernate. I think the problem is the spring context. ...