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1. How do I get an instance of a Grails service programmatically?

I have an external data source, which will return a string indicating the name of a Grails service to use. What's the syntax to get an instance of this service programatically given ...

2. Black Magic in Grails Data Binding?

As described in i'm trying to automatically bind my REST data. I understand now that for one-to-many associations the map that is required for the data binding must have ...

3. What is the best Java RESTful framework for a very simple backend server?

I need to develop a very thin shim for hadoop to be used together with Rails/Sinatra application. I'm a .Net developer and have a lot experience with Ruby. So what is ...

4. Rewriting Java Controller Class with Grails REST

I have implemented a REST application with Spring at Java. An example of GET and DELETE requests are as follows:

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
List<Configuration> getAllConfigurationsInJSON() {
    return new ArrayList<Configuration>(configurationMap.values());

@RequestMapping(value = ...

5. Groovy:unable to resolve class org.grails.plugins.wsclient.service.WebService

Groovy:unable to resolve class org.grails.plugins.wsclient.service.WebService Hello all, I just joined the forums and tried looking for an answer to a issue that's bugging me to say the least. I work with ...

6. Grails Web Service layer HELP !

Grails Web Service layer HELP ! Hi all, we are building an application that will use Grails as the backend for managing domain objects. We are looking at a SOAP layer ...