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I have a web app that uses Spring's Log4jConfigurer class to initialize my Log4J log factory. Basically it initializes Log4J with a config file that is off the class path. Here ...

2. Spring, Log4j within web application    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use log4j my log4j.propreties:

log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, out

log4j.logger.org.apache.servicemix=DEBUG, stdout

log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ABSOLUTE} | %-5p | %t | %c | %m%n

log4j.appender.out.layout=ConversionPattern %d{ABSOLUTE} | %-5p | %t | %c | %m%n
part of web.xml
<web-app id="WebApp_ID" version="2.5"

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i need to implement log4j on my spring webapp. I was trying in using log4j.xml and then calling it in my java file private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(IndexController.class); Somewat like above ...

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Per-webapp log4j configuration Im still struggling with log4j config, can anyone help? I'm deploying several webapps to a single tomcat, so I can't use ${webapp.root} in log4j.properties. Threfore, I setup each ...

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webapp.root param ignored in log4j config? Hi, I have a little problem configuring Log4j with my spring app. Maybe someone has an idea. Otherwise I'll just have to stick with ${catalina.home} ...