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1. How can I handle Castor unmarshaling of SOAP messages when the namespace is defined inside the operation tag?

I am developing a contract-first web service based on Spring-WS. I'm relying on Castor marshaling, and I have run into the following issue. Requests are being accepted when the "xmlns" namespace ...

2. Apache CXF 2.2.7 Spring 3 Web Service Unmarshalling Error: unexpected element

I have developed a simple web service application using Apache CXF 2.2.7 and Spring 3, deployed onto Tomcat as a WAR file, but I'm getting the following error message:

12-Apr-2010 ...

3. Spring web service: easy way to un-marshall a bean to XML client side?

I am utilizing spring to do all of the marshalling/unmarshalling of my bean objects (via jaxb2Marshaller/WebServiceTemplate). For debugging purposes, I would like to be able to spit out the request/response ...

4. JAXB unmarshalling exception: unexpected element when spring webservice 1.0.4

I have written spring webservice cleint example This is working fine with springws1.5 but when running with spring ws 1.0.4 i am getting below exception. Please help me why we will ...

5. Using Jaxb Schema with Spring WS: Issues upon Unmarshalling the response

I have a XML Schema where I've declared all the Requests and Responses objects.

-------- For Actual Object -------
<xs:complexType name="conversation">
<xs:element name="ID" type="xs:integer"/>
<xs:element name="startDate" type="xs:dateTime"/>
<xs:element name="endDate" type="xs:dateTime"/>
<xs:element name="participants" type="xs:string" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

-------- For Request ...

6. "Unrecognized field (..), not marked as ignorable" while jaxb unmarshalling xml input

in a typical Spring MVC project, I am trying to access objects that are fetched from an external webservice source. The actual integration of this data wasn't actually - until now ...

7. Using Spring-WS and JAXB: can't unmarshall subclasses in XML request

I have the following in a schema defining the request/response objects used in my web service request:

<xs:complexType name="loss" abstract="true">
        <xs:element ...

8. Spring Web-Service unmarshalling not working

I have configured my WebService like this: applicationContext:

<sws:annotation-driven />    
 <bean class="" >
<property name="interceptors">
    <bean class=""/>
Note: the Interceptor is loaded on startup, but doesn´t write ...

9. Unmarshalling MTOM message using Camel Spring-WS and JAXB dataformat

1) Is there a way to unmarshall MTOM message using Camel Spring-WS component? 2) I tried with Camel JAXB dataformat. It didn't work. Datahandler doesn't have any content. Does JAXB dataformat support ...

10. How JAXB handle interfaces for marshall + jersey

Am trying to marshall a class that contains a List of Interface type. JAXB complains that he cannot handle interfaces.

  class Myclass{


11. How to marshall a complex HashMap structure

i have this class :

class MyClass{
 private Map<Date, Map<String,AnotherClass>> struct=new 
 //getters setters
class AnotherClass{
   //fields + methods
I want to implement an Adapter for MyClass so that i ...

12. web service unmarshalling

public Element handleEchoRequest(@RequestPayload Element requestElement) this function contains my payload....I need to unmarshall my object which is in xml form from requestElement. Can you please suggest some way to do this. ...

13. Dynamic unmarshalling in spring oxm castor marshaller

Hi All , I am new to spring oxm. I am getting problem in unmarshalling using spring oxm castor marshller when multiple classes in mapping file are mapped to same tag ...

14. How to obtian Marshall reference when ?

How to obtian Marshall reference when ? I am writing (...or trying to write) custom detail elements into my SOAP Fault. I have a JAXB object that I want to ...

15. Spring-WS : JAXB unmarshalling exception: unexpected element

Spring-WS : JAXB unmarshalling exception: unexpected element Please advice your help on this; Problem description: I have created a basic spring web service project. I used Eclipse Helios +Eclipse Maven Plugin. ...

16. Unmarshalling problem moving a JAXB service from TC5.5 to Geronimo2.0.1

Oct 3rd, 2007, 12:20 PM #1 pja View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Sep 2007 Posts 4 Unmarshalling problem moving a JAXB service from TC5.5 to ...

17. Spring-ws /webmthod - Unmarshalling request

Spring-ws /webmthod - Unmarshalling request Hi, We have client using webmthods client to access Spring-ws webservices. They are generating input message using webmethods by importing wsdl. Some reason Webmethods is adding ...

18. Unmarshalling 2 root elements problem with Spring WS and JiBX

Nov 22nd, 2007, 11:14 AM #1 James Equalizer View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Nov 2007 Posts 28 Spring-WS / JiBX - does the root element ...

19. Unmarshalling complex exception instances possible (wsdl:fault)?

Unmarshalling complex exception instances possible (wsdl:fault)? Hello. I'm using JAXB to marshall my request instances, and receive response. I'm using : FooResponse response = (FooResponse) webServiceTemplate.marshalSendAndReceive(fooReques t) Beside this request and ...

20. test unmarshalling by Spring ws

test unmarshalling by Spring ws I am new to spring-ws. I like to test my jibx binding. To test this I want to 1. some how in the test case supply ...

21. consuming an axis 1.4 based web service with spring-ws with jaxb unmarshalling

consuming an axis 1.4 based web service with spring-ws with jaxb unmarshalling I currently am consuming an axis 1.4 generated ws from a client application using the spring jaxrpc proxy and ...

22. payload validation/JAXB unmarshalling mismatch

payload validation/JAXB unmarshalling mismatch I have a web service endpoint configured with a PayloadValidatingInterceptor, and which uses the Jaxb2Marshaller class to unmarshal requests. If a schema includes a date element, as ...

23. Spring WS and XMLBeans Unmarshalling for Calendar

Spring WS and XMLBeans Unmarshalling for Calendar I'm not a newbie to java, but this is making me feel like one. I have a webservice exposed (WSDL dynamically generated from an ...

24. RESTFUL marshalling/unmarshalling sample code

RESTFUL marshalling/unmarshalling sample code Hi, I need to unmarshall XML data from HTTP requests and marshall XML data to send with HTTP Responses. I have a RESTFUL project and I want ...

25. Unmarshalling SOAP response using Spring

I need to make some SOAP unmarshalling tests, but without calling actual web service. Instead I have already available SOAP response xml and WSDL xml file. What is the best approach ...