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1. Spring jUnit Testing - either can not autowire or can not find appContext.xml

I am unittesting a spring based application atm. First the problem is, that if I haven't started the app once on a server the unittests all fail. If I do start the ...

2. Autowired doesnt work?

(Java Spring WebApp) I have:

public class PersonValidator implements Validator {

private PersonDAO d;

public void setD(PersonDAO d) {
    this.d = d;
public void validate(Object target, Errors errors) {
\\ some logic
I thought ...

3. autowiring xml file not found

autowiring xml file not found OK, still working through the tutorial and am stuck again. In EmployeeServiceIntegrationTest I have the following lines: protected String[] getConfigLocations() { return new String[] { "classpath:/springtest/dwspring-service.xml" ...

4. @Component, @Autowired and xml mixed configuration not working

@Component, @Autowired and xml mixed configuration not working Hello guys. I tried everything but I'm at a loss here. I have used this approach before when working in a project from ...