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1. JFrame in a JFrame?    coderanch.com

Is it possible for a JFrame to contain another JFrame? This is a question posed by the the following post from 2008. http://www.coderanch.com/t/346079/Swing-AWT-SWT-JFace/java/JFrame I have created a simple stand alone JFrame-based graphical application that needs to be the background for various other frames/dialogs. I tested my stand alone with JInternalFrames, and it worked just the way I wanted. However, when I ...

2. Question about generic swing JFrame structure    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a number of JFrames within an application and I'm to promote re usability by being easily able to add panels to these JFrames to cause the least disruption to users. There is a common panel across all JFrames and it is the bottom panel with a connect and exit button. I have a problem though. Say within a ...

3. Doubt in JFrame    coderanch.com

4. JFrame doubt    coderanch.com

5. Unevenly laying out a JFrame    coderanch.com

6. Separating form code in a JFrame Class    coderanch.com

Dear friends, I am working on a desktop program (Multi frame app) where i have a form with several JTextFields and a Button. First I created one JInternalFrame and placed all form elements there but later I found that i need to create exactly same form on a different JInternal window. So tried to separate the form code from Frame code ...

7. JFrames or...    coderanch.com

Hi all, I have a GUI with a simple JFrame in it (that in turn contains some JPanels with JTextfields, but thats not the problem). Now i want the user to give me his/her inputs and after he hits the calculate button a new JFrame shall be opened with the result. At this time the main-Frame must not be reachable via ...

8. frame vs. JFrame    coderanch.com

... in the behavior of your program there shouldn't be a difference as you stated already. But it would be interesting to see, if byte code differs? I guess it doesn't, because sun's compiler should recognize that this is a final static field, i.e. a constant. But anyway, even this doesn't probably relate to your question, most IDE's would issue a ...

10. JComponent or JFrame setIgnoreRepaint    coderanch.com

Hello, I writing an application that contains a video player. In order to implement showPrecedingFrame function I have to go to the first frame, count desired number of frames, then draw it. All previous frames have to be drawn in correct order to get nice and clean picture. If I am drawing frames in order I am reading them, I am ...

11. Flashing JFrame    coderanch.com

Hi, I would like to create a JFrame with two specifal features: JFrame should not grab focus while maximized from minimized state. When a JFrame created or became maximized from minimized state, it should flash in the Windows bar until a user will grant a focus to it. (like as in ICQ clients ). Does anybody know how the second requirement ...

12. searching JFrame    coderanch.com

I am just doing some trial and error right now..really just spit balling some stuff....but I have researched and can't find anything to do what I am looking to do. Right now I have a JFrame created with a bunch of checkboxes and a button. I am trying to just create a simple game where the person who checks the last ...

13. Example code of JFrame with a line    coderanch.com

14. swing ques- JFrame    coderanch.com

Hi, I tried a swing program from HeadFirst Java which is as following.. package com.rajiv; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JFrame; public class Test1 { public static void main(String[] args) { JFrame frame = new JFrame(); JButton button = new JButton("click me"); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); frame.getContentPane().add(button); frame.setSize(300, 300); frame.setVisible(true); } } Its written in the book that if we use frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); the program will quit ...

15. JFrame    coderanch.com

Hi, I have an application that consists of a main frame, and then when i press a button another frame opens. Now, I have a problem. When i close the second frame that's opened from the first one, it causes both frames to close. Do you have any idea how to avoid that? I mean, when i close the second frame, ...

16. Get information from JFrame    coderanch.com

Hello. I have a question, maybe some of you might have an idea if something like this can be done. I have an application where i need to insert some data, and the fields look something like this: Client(button): clientId(textField) When i press the button client, a new JFrame opens, where the user can search for the client that he wishes. ...

17. JFrame sometimes has grey bar    coderanch.com

18. jframe form issue    coderanch.com

Hi all, I display forms by the navigation tree. In the 1 form I save an indicator to db. And when I move to second form, the form will read the indicator from db and disable and enable the appropriate components. Now the problem if the flow, I save an indicator at first form and go to next form, the 2 ...

19. JFrame    coderanch.com

I have designed a Java program using swing , such that while pressing a button in the main window , a JFrame window appears. Actually while closing the JFrame window, i want it alone to be closed. But while closing the JFrame window my main window also gets closed. How can i avoid this? This is my coding. import javax.swing.*; import ...

20. Running a program in Jframe    coderanch.com

I have a Jframe with a menu bar, when one of the items is clicked the programs are run in a console. Is there a way to have it run in the Jframe instead of the console. Here is the code I have. import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.io.*; public class MedicalTests { public static void main(String[] args) { ...

21. SquareRoot Jframe semi working    java-forums.org

here is my JFrame that calculates the square root of a number using the average method. it works fine with non perfect squares, but does not work with perfect squares. for some reason if you put in a number like 9 it will come out with like 3.000001232 which is wrong! How can i fix this? Thanks! Java Code: //package swing; ...

22. JFrame rotate    java-forums.org

I have no idea if this is even possible, but I would like to have my JFrame when it opens up to be rotated 90 degrees. like instead of the menu bar being horizontal, i would like it to be vertical. does anyone know of any ways to implement this? I've tried looking around and can only find rotation classes for ...

23. JFrame ??    java-forums.org

are frame1 and frame2 internal frames that you want to call in a container of some sort? It is quite easy to open a second Frame from a button or a menu item by adding an ActionListener to it, but I am not convinced that is what you want. Or use the 'setVisible()' method. ...i guess...

24. Help with JFrame    java-forums.org

import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; public class DrawTest extends JFrame { Design d; public DrawTest( ) { super( "Drawing Test" ); setSize(100, 100 ); setVisible( true ); } public void init( ) { d = new Design( ); } public void paint( Graphics g ) { super.paint( g ); d.draw( g ); } public static void main( String args[] ) { DrawTest ...

25. help in JFrame    java-forums.org

hi all I have Created one Frame and in which Buttons are provided which opens new Internal Frames....what i want is when i open one Internal Frame the other Internal Frame gets closed... or if i click one button then other button gets disabled and when i close the internal frame all disabled button gets enabled... please help me out.... thank ...

26. JFrame/Swing Question    java-forums.org

Greetings, I've never posted here before but I have a quick question for you guys. I'm beginning my Senior Seminar at my college and our idea is to make a rather simple game engine (for what we are doing, game engine is probably not even close to what we're actually doing). I'm creating a Frame/jpanel that displays a grid at the ...

27. jframes    java-forums.org

hey all...am having trouble in JFrames... there is a server client file transfer program... the server pgm(JFrame) is called by mainintf pgm(another JFrame) and the client pgm(JFrame) is another that i call using mainintf2(another JFrame). The problem is that the full server client interface doesn't get displayed. Only a part of both get displayed so am not abl to send or ...

28. JFrame toFront() not working    java-forums.org

Hey, I'm quite new to java and I'm making a rather big project. In the project I have a JMenuBar with a JMenu which keeps track of all opened windows. When, in that menu, I click on a JMenuItem, the corresponding JFrame should pop to the foreground. For this I use the toFront() method. However, only the titlebar lightens up but ...

29. help with jframes    java-forums.org

30. Topless JFrame    java-forums.org

Hello, How can I get rid of the header of a JFrame or a JInternalFrame? For example, instead of having this kind of window: ========= Title [-][x] ========= Content ========= I would like something like this ========= Content ========= I just need a container with borders which can be resizable by the user. Just to elaborate the main problem that I'm ...

31. Centering inside a JFrame    java-forums.org

import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; public class mainForSimpleGUI { public static void main(String[] args) { SimpleJavaGUI labelFrame = new SimpleJavaGUI(); //creates SimpleJavaGUI labelFrame.setLocationRelativeTo(null); labelFrame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); labelFrame.setSize(300, 300); labelFrame.setVisible(true); } } /* class SimpleJavaGUI extends JFrame { public JTextArea theTextArea; public SimpleJavaGUI() { super("mainForSimpleGUI"); setLayout(new FlowLayout() ); theTextArea = new JTextArea(2, 20); theTextArea.setLocation(30, 30); //theTextArea.setAlignmentX(CENTER_ALIGNMENT); //theTextArea.setAlignmentY(CENTER_ALIGNMENT); theTextArea.setText(" Follow the white rabbit."); theTextArea.setToolTipText("This is a ...

32. Cant have these random numbers on JFrame    java-forums.org

I have the following code which am trying to have run random numbers onto a main class, but whenever I call that class, the frame does not show at all. Where am I going wrong? You can come up with a full reconstruct of the classes if possible. Thanks in advance Java Code: import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JPanel; import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; ...

33. Find the Middle of a JFrame??    java-forums.org

import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; public class Test extends JFrame { public void paint(Graphics g) { int w = getWidth(); int h = getHeight(); // Center of frame. g.setColor(Color.red); g.drawLine(0, h/2, w, h/2); g.drawLine(w/2, 0, w/2, h); // Center of contentPane (drawing area). Insets insets = getInsets(); int x = insets.left + (w - insets.left - insets.right)/2; int y = insets.top + ...

34. Linking Jframes    java-forums.org

You've likely got a bug somewhere in code that you're not showing us, but we've no idea where it is given the info provided. You may want to provide a lot more information. But having said that, I strongly advise you to not use NetBeans drag-and-drop to create Swing code but instead to go through the tutorials and first learn to ...

35. JFrame from a JFrame in project    java-forums.org

36. JFrame issue    java-forums.org

Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with my JFrame extension. I'm making an extension of a JFrame and everything works nicely, except that none of the components inside will show until I've manually re sized the window. I don't know what to do about it. I would include code but I don't really have any idea where the root of the ...

37. jframe    java-forums.org

So Norm's given you the answer: don't use a second JFrame but rather a JDialog that has its modal property set to true. Using a JDialog is similar to using a JFrame but there are some differences especially in constructor calls. Have a look at the JDialog API, and you'll see how to use it.

38. Secondary JFrame    java-forums.org

Hi All, I am new to java swing and awt. Any help is appreciated a lot. I am trying to create a swing application/frame which while starting up should show a secondary frame/dialog and collect some information from the user. This information collected from the secondary frame should be used to start drawing in the GLCanvas in the primary JFrame. How ...

39. jframe doubt    java-forums.org

40. Customizing Bar Of Jframe    java-forums.org

41. Handling Two JFrames    java-forums.org

Hi, I have a JFrame with a button on it. I want a second Jframe to appear when the user clicks on the button. Also the first Jframe should be inactive while the second Jframe is displayed and it should be re-enabled when the user closes the second Jframe. Second Jframe should be always displayed on top of the first Jframe. ...

42. Flashing JFrame    java-forums.org

Hi, I would like to create a JFrame with two specifal features: 1. JFrame should not grab focus while maximized from minimized state. 2. When a JFrame created or became maximized from minimized state, it should flash in the Windows bar until a user will grant a focus to it. (like as in ICQ clients ). Does anybody know how the ...

43. Can't have two JFrames in different classes?    java-forums.org

This seems like it must be a standard thing that the textbooks warn you about, but I can't find it. All of this occurred inside Eclipse, sometimes all in the same package, sometimes not. I wrote a very simple class which used JFrame, along with JPanel and JLabel, to open a window with some text in it. That's all. I used ...

44. jframe    java-forums.org

45. JFrame Help!!!    java-forums.org

Hi Guys i have this code and in this Cafe Frame i am stuck on two problems A. When I click on cancel, the frame must go back to the default, the way it is when it starts, but i cannot seem to remove the amount and the ID when i click cancel. B. When i click OK it must replace ...

46. Empty JFrame    java-forums.org

I'm developing a main menu for an application with two drop down menus and 5 normal control buttons. I set the buttons up first and had them displaying (and the exit button working) but when I added the combo boxes the JFrame just shows nothing. And I can't work out why. Java Code: /* A rough working for a GUI interface ...

47. JFrames    java-forums.org

48. JFRAME:Urgent Help    java-forums.org

49. BufferStrategy in JFrame    java-forums.org

well Im creating a pong game and im pretty close to done. This last little bit has me pretty stumped though. Im trying to get my ball to draw on my JFrame after my title screen pop ups and does its thing. So far, the JFrame pop ups on que, but it leaves behind a nasty trail from the ball, but ...

50. How does a jframe communicate with other classes    java-forums.org

Hello people, sorry for my bad english and for my question that can be very dumb. But how does the frame communicate with other casses? Ok, my situation is the follow, i have a main class that contains : 1- a array of class 'employees' and 2- two 'frames' ( 'startscreen' and 'addemployee' screen) My intention is: 1- in main class ...

51. calender in jframe    java-forums.org

52. qustion about JFrame    java-forums.org

import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import javax.swing.*; public class Draw extends JFrame { public Draw() { setTitle("Drawing Test"); setSize(300, 400); JPanel panel = new JPanel(); getContentPane().add(panel); panel.setLayout(null); JRadioButton rectangle1 = new JRadioButton("Rectanle"); JRadioButton oval1 = new JRadioButton("Oval"); JButton button1 = new JButton("Draw"); rectangle1.setBounds(50, 30, 80, 30); oval1.setBounds(140, 30, 80, 30); button1.setBounds(200, 70, 70, 30); button1.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ...

53. jframe    java-forums.org

F:\a\a\res\ contains all the5 .png files of different color names red blue ............ and i just written a program import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; class q { public void static void main(String args[]) { JFrame w=new JFrame(); Container c=getContentpane(); //iam loding image form res folder Image r=getImage(getCodeBase(),"red.png"); c.add(r); w.add(c); } } it is giving me error and it is not showing my ...

54. how to use JFrame in JSP ??    java-forums.org

please anyone tell me how can I call java frame in JSP. Actually I have made a program in frame displaying bar charts for records that are present in database. I want that a user enters an id from a JSP page and the bar chart of only those records will display having that id???? please help me:(

55. Getting code to run from the beginning in a jFrame form    java-forums.org

Hi guys I have a pretty urgent question. I am using the latest Netbeans and I need some code to run as a certain jFrame has started so that it fills pre-determined areas of it with data from a text file. The problem is that you get a whole lot of static - non static errors when you try run the ...

56. JFrame Form being seen as java class...    java-forums.org

OK, so i have this project to design a sport management program to run a school sport during a sports event. So I chose golf, coded the program, tested each window and everything works... So then I run the whole project using all the options within it and using the highest possible values for all fields to test for errors and ...

57. JFrame issues    java-forums.org

Hi guys, I am new to Java and I am trying to build a window-based application. I have some idea of how to do this, however I have run into a few problems. Here is the frame section of my code, below that I will post my concerns: //Method that creates a blank frame public static void Form() { //Code that ...

58. JFrame state    java-forums.org

59. Destroying a JFrame    java-forums.org

I have a program that creates a frame, adds some panels, buttons textfields, etc. This frame displays data from a table. Depending on what type of entry selected there are a different number of text fields. I have a button to close the form but keeps the table open so you can select another entry. When I click to view the ...

60. Initiating a JFrame form    java-forums.org

Hey again I figured that I could create some nice GUIs in Netbeans, as I thought that wasnt possible, like it is in VB. Anyway, I made a GUI, and want to initiate/call/start it. I've been looking around at some "call method" functions, but nothing worked. As a last resort I figured I would post here, again, as you solved my ...

61. JFrame blinks during som repaintings :/    java-forums.org

Hello! Im making a 2d game by using only 1 class and it extends JFrame and implements runnable So it got this paint method. That should paint the objects I want. But sometimes it blinks! The screen becomes blank for just a tiny nano second. I decreased the frequency of this by calling Graphics g = this.getGraphics(); before calling repaint on ...

62. JFrames in netbeans    java-forums.org

import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class FrameDemo extends JFrame { public FrameDemo() // Constructor { super( "Frame Demo Application" ); Container c = getContentPane(); c.setLayout(new FlowLayout Label prompt = new Label ("a Label component in a JFrame"); c.add( prompt); setSize(230, 100); show(); } public static void main( String args[] ) { FrameDemo app = new FrameDemo(); app.addWindowListener( new WindowAdapter() ...

63. need help with jframes    java-forums.org

hello all, i been working on setting up the basic bones for my program and i started with the buttons, what i am trying to do is go from one frame to another and then another, the first two work, but not the second, and help is approached, code is shown below code import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.util.*; ...

64. use while loop in jframe    java-forums.org

i am writting a program need to render new object into the scene graph continuously the program is connect to other program and use a while loop to read message from it, so the program know which object need to render into the scene graph next and renew the frame the problem is the frame only visible after the method is ...

65. connecting jframes in java    java-forums.org

66. Best way to put paragraphs in a JFrame?    java-forums.org

I am building a basic game program. I have a file menu with a help->How to Play button. I want this button to create a new JFrame and then inside this frame contain the instructions for this game(JLabel). Is there a way to format this without having one long JLabel? There must be a better way to do this. Thanks in ...

67. Help with JFrame function!!!!    java-forums.org

Hi, I'm doing a project for school that's due tomorrow and I have the code figured out but whenever I run it and try to maximize the window, the circles I drew disappear. Here's my code: Java Code: /** This class simulates a cannonball fired at an angle. */ public class Cannonball { /** Constructs a Cannonball @param ivel the initial ...

68. JFrame    forums.oracle.com

69. Organizing JFrame..    forums.oracle.com

70. Blink JFrame    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I've been looking like mad all over the internet to find out how to make the JFrame icon, on Windows's (or any other OS) taskbar, blink while it shows in the back. Anybody who has used an Instant Messenger knows what I'm talking about. I've tryed all kinds of stuff found on internet, but none of them are working the ...

72. jframe help    forums.oracle.com

im trying to make a file viewer using jpanel. i am using xml files and i need to display information from the files. i have already parsed the xml files with jdom, but i need to display them on a jpanel. i have added a jfilechooser but i have no idea how to display the file once the user has chosen ...

73. Swing-JFrame    forums.oracle.com

MyTableModel(String[] columnNames, Vector data){ this.columnNames = columnNames; d = data; } public int getColumnCount() { return columnNames.length; } public int getRowCount() { return d.size(); } public String getColumnName(int col) { return columnNames[col]; } public Object getValueAt(int row, int col) { Vector data = (Vector)d.get(row); return data.get(col); } public Class getColumnClass(int c) { return getValueAt(0, c).getClass(); }

74. JFrame Help    forums.oracle.com

Ok i was able to add the listener by creating the windows class in another file instead of in the tracker class, my new task is to figure out how to once the listener gets an event saying that the JFrame has lost focus to refocus it. What command will allow me to do that. Thanks

75. Additional JFrame +    forums.oracle.com

76. Need a little help with JFrame    forums.oracle.com

button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) { new JFileChooser().showOpenDialog(null); } }); } public static void main(String[] argv) { new Browser().setVisible(true); } } Basically i want to be able to position the button (which does the file browsing) anywhere in the JFrame but I am unsure on how to expand the JFrame so that i may add a text box or ...

77. Netbeans & JFrame    forums.oracle.com

Hi! I'm new to Netbeans and i've got a little trouble: when i want to make some project with GUI (+GUI builder), netbeans always generates code which uses SingleFrameApplication (it also generates some junk such as help or about dialog), but i don't want to use it - i prefer JFrame so, how can i use JFrame together with GUI builder? ...

78. JFrame not working with NetBeans    forums.oracle.com

But coding swing applications is not the easiest way to start with java. I agree with ChuckBing that you should study the java basics. (classes, variables, methods, OOP...) He has provided a link to the sun tutorial, which is a very good place to start. If you search you can find plenty of other java tutorials (eg tij).

79. one questions relating to JFrame    forums.oracle.com

Hello! For my SDD Project for the preliminary HSC, I'm going to do a Tic-Tac-Toe program, but before I start I need to know three questions, and I couldn't find the answers while scanning through the java documentations. All these questions relate to JFrame, its buttons, and... yeah, buttons mainly Is it possible to change a Jbuttons caption in the middle ...

80. How delete one desired circle in JFrame    forums.oracle.com

Hi to all. I am new to java. My question actually By using popup menu I want to delete a circle. Let me explain it. Like if there are too much small circles and I want to delete one of them. By using right click on the desired circle which i want to remove, from popup menu I chose delete option. ...

81. Storing data entered by the user into a Jframe    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I want to find out the different ways data can be stored in Java when taking input, for example, entered by the user into a GUI. I guess the most obvious choice is to connect to a database if you want to store the data after the program has been closed, or to store the data in text files? Are ...

82. How delete one desired circle in JFrame    forums.oracle.com

Hi to all. I am new to java. My question actually By using popup menu I want to delete a circle. Let me explain it. Like if there are too much small circles and I want to delete one of them. By using right click on the desired circle which i want to remove, from popup menu I chose delete option. ...

83. smooth transition in jframe    forums.oracle.com

I'm creating a jframe that is going to contain buttons that will laucn pop ups to have questions answered. Is it possible, to create a jframe that would, when a button is pressed, transition into another panel with the needed text boxes, and then transition back once user input is done? Thanks

84. Rotating a Jframe...    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am develpoing a frame with many objects inside it. However, i would like to Rotate the JFrame so that the frame and its objects are all rotated by the same amount.. I only want to make one rotation of 90? anti clockwise but dont know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

85. How to play a midi in JFrame    forums.oracle.com

86. how can i make my own JFrame? help...    forums.oracle.com

I'm new to java.. ive given a task to do a studio, with a text/image, text/html editor. and i'm done in html editor, my problem now is, how can i make my own JFrame.. something like VB.. the main frame and the palette item..and when i drag the item to the frame, it will automatically do the code.. can someone help ...

87. In relation to JFrame titles -    forums.oracle.com

Hello all, I am currently in an introduction to Java course as a freshman. I haven't had a whole lot of trouble, and am averaging about an 80% in the class currently. Anyways, the most recent homework was just uploaded, and I have blazed through it much faster than I normally do. The assignment is to create a very simple Mp3 ...

88. JFrame Help    forums.oracle.com

attempted edit [edit] in case you're not joking, 'new' creates an instance of the object. 1) you've created a NewJFrame object with a size, but it's not visible, so does nothing 2) you've created another NewJFrame object with a location, but it's not visible, so does nothing 3) you've created another NewJFrame object, set it to visible, but without specifying the ...

89. JFrame Questions    forums.oracle.com

My question is this. If the user selects the deposit radio button and enter an amount, how would I then place all deposits or withdrawals that the user input into the list box? I do know I have to create a listener...but i'm not sure what to do. If someone can help me or point me in the right direction, it ...

90. JFrame recreation    forums.oracle.com

91. set jframe be immovable    forums.oracle.com

92. add a new jframe    forums.oracle.com

93. Swing JFrame    forums.oracle.com

1) all swing questions should go into the swing forum. 2) Take a look at using a separate background thread to do the loading. SwingWorker (either the official version in java 6, or another version that you can upload from Sun if you must use java < 6) can be well suited for this purpose.

94. Help with JFrames    forums.oracle.com

private Image[] loadImages() { String[] paths = { "C: Documents and Settings\\JP My Documents\\Projects Connect Four\\src ConnectFourBoard.gif", "C: Documents and Settings\\JP My Documents\\Projects Connect Four\\src redpiece.gif", "C: Documents and Settings\\JP My Documents\\Projects Connect Four\\src blackpiece.gif" }; Image[] images = new Image[paths.length]; Toolkit t = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(); MediaTracker mt = new MediaTracker(this); for(int j = 0; j < images.length; j++) { images[j] = ...

95. In need of serious JFrame/Stringbuffer Help!    forums.oracle.com

ok let me clear it up i use arraylist i write a author, publisher, title in the gui window.. push add store author, publisher, title in the arraylist..[0] then add another author, publisher, title. store to [1].. and etc. now then i use the prev,next,last,first buttons i can make it easier. i just can't seem to be able to store it ...

96. Modeless JFrame    forums.oracle.com

97. Communicating between jFrames    forums.oracle.com

I believe i understand what is going on there and i agree that following that framework would indeed make this easier in the future.. however, I am still a bit of a newb when it comes to java programming so I am essentially taking the baby steps approach (walk, step, run) so i'm wondering if there is a simpler solution for ...

98. JFrame and new LineBrake    forums.oracle.com

99. The JFrame class    forums.oracle.com

Why does the JFrame class implement the Accessible interface in its code? Isn't the Accessible interface already inherited when the JFrame extended to the Window class? I'm fairly new to Java and have been going through the documentation on the APIs and noticed this. Haven't seen if it is elsewhere. Thanks to whoever provides input.

100. Terminating a method in JFrame    forums.oracle.com

I have a simple JFrame with a radio button group and some other stuff. I need to be able to terminate a method call if it picks up that none of the radio buttons have been selected, so that the user can see what went wrong (displaying a label). I figure I need a try catch handle, but not sure how ...

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