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1. How do I drag & drop files into a JTable?

I'd like to drag and drop external files (e.g. from windows explorer) into a JTable. Anybody got some example code as how this is done?

2. JTable that can save to a file

Does anyone know of a JTable based Swing component OR code example that can save to a file? i.e: provides a menu item or button that when clicked on prompts the ...

3. How to write contents of a JTable to a txt file

I wonder if anyone could kindly tell me how to write the contents of a JTable to a .txt file. I have a basic knowledge of java and know about FileReaders ...

4. Java: ascertaining a user's edit on a custom model JTable in order to save to a binary file

How do I obtain the user's edit input on a custom model JTable created from a binary file in order to save it to the binary file? I suspect that my table ...

5. Create a table with buttons and the files list of a directory

I have files in a directory. I would like to know if it’s possible to create a table with the list of the files (only the name) and the data of creation? ...

6. Printing a Jtable as Table into file

I was in the process of creating an application for Finance Management.So I am trying to get the final job getting the summary printed. Ths summary page consists of different tables and ...

7. how to read file and print it on JTable

I have text file as shown below firstname lastname haresh kumar paresh patel I want this content to be printed on JTable.

8. display data from a txt file to JTable

my txt file contains this: john
first line is the name of the player second is the score and the third is the level
i want to display my data in the JTable here's ...

9. importing a csv file into a java swing table

I have a csv file of all the stock quotes on in the nyse. first column is symbol second column is the name of the company. I have a search box and ...

10. Writing contents of a JTable to a file

I cannot seem to manage to complete this functionality. I need this to write out to a text file. My JTable is populated when a query is run, the query results then ...

11. how to read text file and print in jtable in netbeans

Possible Duplicate:
how to read the given text file
my .txt file is:

12. Steps to read the text file into specific columns of JTable using biojava

Here is a typical input .txt file (also called as fasta file):

>contig00001  length=586   numreads=4

>contig00002  length=554   numreads=4

13. how to display data from fasta file in jtable

my code is:


import org.biojavax.SimpleNamespace;

public class ReadGES_BJ1_6{
     * - A pretty simple demo program to ...

14. how to read text file into the jtable using netbeans

text file is:

student1 marks=100 score=4 gfdthruncbncvngkfmhjlghkjhkjhlkkjljghg fghgnjhgjmkhgjmhk,hgljghghngfhgfjkhjkhhjhg dghdruthrfbdhfgbhtfjngfkhnmlhyuyhjfhgjgu student2 marks=420 score=7 ruytugnbgfvbdfuiuierogjrnhtfhjohujiytutry dfgdrtgbfjdgbfjdgnfdgnfytyjutgnjhytytnhhnd gyrthdfughdfhuhgufdhguhguhutghuthgtytrytre
i ...

15. How to export JTable colors to an excel .xls file?

How to export JTable java swing /jidesoft cell background colors to excel .xls file?

16. How to export JTable java swing /jidesoft cell background colors to excel .xls file using hssfTableUtil

How to export JTable java swing /jidesoft cell background colors to excel .xls file using hssfTableUtil ?(I do not want to use .csv)

17. JTable data not stable when vertically scrolled

I have developed a Java Swing application which consists of JTable. The JTable displays data of text file. The textfile is comma separated. After displaying i am summing up the totals ...

18. Make a Java JTable row open a text file

You know how when you double click on a song in iTunes, a MP3 file plays. Using a JTable for my user interface, how do I link a row to a text ...

19. how to import Excel file to JTable

That class is not part of the standard Java packages. You need to google for the jar file that contains it and add it to your program's classpath.

21. Matisse approach for JTable based properties file display

I have a normal properties file like below: p1=val1 p2=val2 p3=val3 p4=val4 ... I want a JTable to be designed like below using Matisse: ----------------- Name | Value | ----------------- p1 ...

22. How to Read Text File into JTable

23. Readind and Writing Contents of JTable in txt file

hi ther,,, hope this will help u.... ---------------------------------- customers.dat ---------------------------------- Id|Name|City|Phone 102|Rao S|New York|(212)5558725 111|VJ K|India|(0091)9848036500 116|Nir|UK|(435914)5553817 120|Anand|Aus|(91334)5553476 131|Ritesh|NewZealand|(55616)5559811 ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.table.*; import javax.swing.event.*; import*; import java.util.*; public class DataFileTableModel extends AbstractTableModel { protected Vector data; protected Vector columnNames ; protected String datafile; public DataFileTableModel(String f){ datafile = f; initVectors(); } public void initVectors() ...

24. display data from the textfile into JTable..urgent..thanks

thanks for ur reply.. i got two data(expense and amount) to display.. my format of displayin the data is that there is two column (which display individual data).. i know that i need to use array.. but e part i not sure is how to retrieve the data from textfile and display them.. thanks for helping me..

25. Delete row from JTable as well as file i/o

i m using JTable to displaying all my data that retrieve from the textfile. I need to select the entire row and click onto the delete button. Then the row of data will be deleted as well as in the textfile.. i have no idea how to make this method work.. pls give me some advice.. thanks

26. Import excel file into JTable

27. placing a gif file inside a cell in JTable

hi selvas, try this code. don't forget to give a valid image file . import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.table.*; import java.awt.*; class LabelTable extends JFrame { JTable tbl ; JScrollPane jsp; ImageIcon imageicon = [B]new ImageIcon("d:\\images\\bulb1.gif");[/B] JLabel lbl1 = new JLabel("No Icon"); JLabel lbl2 = new JLabel(imageicon); // second column is a JLabel column in which // second row is ...

28. Help with setting the JTable rows to resize to the size of the file

Hello All, I need some help with my code. I am using visual age for Java to construct the Gui but have come to a stop now as i'm having trouble. The problem that I have is I want to be able to set the ampunt of rows in my JTable to the size of the file, so if the file ...

29. Delete row from JTable as well as file i/o

In the actionPerformed method of the delete button, check which row was selected (mytable.getSelectedRow()) and delete it from the data that you passed to the jtable on creation (or the tablemodel behind it) and then do a fireTableDataChanged on that model, this will get the table to take a new look at its data... In the actionPerfomed method you also delete ...

31. TransferHandler to dnd files from OS desktop to JTable

Hi guys, I'm looking after some java code to implement dragging files from mac os x desktop and dropping them to a JTable in my java application. i tried some code but it works on windows but fails on mac os .i don't know what's the problem . here is my TransferHandler which doesn't work on mac : public class FileTableTransferHandler ...

34. Displaying information from a text file in a JTable

Please help, I am trying to create a reports program for a test program I created. The results are saved in a .txt file with a "/" seperator and each new test is saved to a new line in the file. I then want to be able to view the results in a JTable. I can get it to work for ...

35. Problems passing data into file from JTable

Kieran, Welcome to JavaRanch! You are right that the post contains a lot of code! A common troubleshooting technique is to remove code until you have the smallest version of the program that reproduces the problem. This helps people focus in on the problem. (It also increases the chances of figuring it out yourself.) Additionally, it helps nail down more on ...

36. when overwrite the JTable data into .txt file

hi everyone i had java.lang.reflect.Constructor error when overwrite the JTable data into .txt file. At the beginning, the code will be generate successfully and the jtable will be showing out with the data that been save in the studio1.txt previously, but after i edit the data at the JTable, and when i trying to click the save button, the error ...

37. creating JTable using data from .txt file

i can compile, the JTable is created and so are the column headings but the rows arent... in the rows this comes up : [Ljava.lang.String;@408fbecf <--- these numbers change on every cell i think the problem is with the getValueAt() class... can someone please help me out. import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel; import*; import java.util.*; import javax.swing.table.*; import java.awt.*; public class ...

38. Reading file to JTable

Hello, i trying to read a file into a JTable but when i do so instead of getting many different columns I am only get 1. does any one know where i am going wrong The first line of the data file contains the column names. Fields are separated by the "|" character. [customers.dat] Id|Name|City|Phone 102|Beth Reiser|New York|(212)5558725 111|Dylan Ricci|Syracuse|(315)5554486 116|Brian ...

39. JAVA: Trying to create checkboxes according to the number of rows in a text file

Hi all, Here I am trying to generate checkboxes according to the number of details(rows) in a my text file. For an example, if there are five rows in the text file then five check boxes should generated. Here is my code import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; import*; import java.util.*; public class report extends JApplet implements ActionListener { JLabel ...

41. 2 JTables using 2 seperate text files

I need some guidance for an assignment I need to complete. I need to create 2 JTables one for holding a list of questions, the questions numbers, the asker, and the question number. The other holds the answers to the questions, the question number, the number of views, the person who answered the question, and the answers ID. I guess I ...

42. sorting read data from a file into text area by highest score

1) Create a "BestScore" class. This class will have two properties, "name" and "score". You will then need to implement the Comparable method for the class the sort on score. 2) You can't read the text file directly into the text area you will need to read the file line by line 3) for each line in the file: a) parse ...

43. Exporting and Importing TableModels from File

I am looking for the proper technique to export and import TableModels from a file along with other minor data. I am not sure if I should use a txt, xml, or something else along those lines. Export/Import Includes: 4 TableModels 4 Combo Boxes 2 TextFields I apologize if this is not in the correct section

44. Problem with jtable, mysql and a JAR file

Hello: I have a program that i can run ok inside de eclipse IDE. This program connect to an mysql database and show the result in a jtable. But when i export this program to a JAR file, when i execute the program, do nothing. Can anyone help me with this code. Thanks Java Code: import java.awt.Component; import java.sql.*; import java.util.Vector; ...

45. Reading and writing the contents of jtable into a text file

I want to simplify my problem. I have a table called xenon already populated with some data and i want when a certain button is clicked, the data in the table to be read and and writen in a file myXenon. Below is my code: Java Code: private void jButton1MouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) { DefaultTableModel model = (DefaultTableModel) Xenon.getModel(); try { File f ...

46. Creating Jtable and reading a txt file of numerical data

Hello, I am very new to java and netbeans. I have problem with in making jtable read a txt file with numerical data. The txt file contains the data in following format. ------------------------------- title1 title2 title3 title4 title5 123 123 123 123 123 . . . . . . . . . . ------------------------------- I created jtable but dont know how ...

47. .txt file into JTable

Hi, I'm new to Java. Just like most of the other people who post threads on here, lol. I know that somebody posted a similar thread, but I was unable to understand it all. I also posted this on another forum, but have received no reply. Basically I need to load the stockEnquiriesLog.txt file into the JTable here. Apparently, some of ...

48. JTable, Vector, File, Problem.

Evening all. Have a small problem. Still trying to understand JTable. Problem is that I have 1 file named row.txt. The code below is for reading that file and put it in vector row. when i do System.out.print(row) it prints out all of it. But in my table it only showing first row in the file. ex if file contain. ...

49. java project help, reading in from a file and adding data to JTable

java project help, reading in from a file and adding data to JTable Hey guys iv got this project to make an address book that has all kinds of functions and iv got them all working apart from one bit, it needs to be able to read a file when it opens as well as import other data from ...

50. Reading from file and adding to JTable

I need to read in contacts from a file (each contact has 4 lines each - name, phone number etc.) I then have to display these contacts in a JTable. I tried to read the details into an arrayList, but then realised that after every 4 lines i need {} to separate the contacts. Would I be able to create substrings ...

51. want to save JTable in a file..

You're writing out binary data. Don't try to open the file and view it and expect to see anything but binary data. To make sense out of the data, you need to open your file with an ObjectInputStream. Having said this, you still may be better off writing out either the model or the data underlying the model rather than the ...

52. JTable write in the file values null

Hi, I'm making the interface with Netbeans. I have JTable, for the user will put values in the five columns and various rows. The user enters values in the JTable, and then he pressing a JBotton to write in a file the values. But, If the user does not click on a blank cell after entering the last value. I don't ...

53. Help here in GUI using JTable reading a text file to be inputed in the Table!

import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; public class StudentView extends JFrame{ JTable studentTable; JButton addStudentButton, deleteStudentButton, editStudentButton; public StudentView(String title) { super(title); setDefaultCloseOperation(EXIT_ON_CLOSE); JPanel mainPanel = new JPanel(new BorderLayout()); JPanel buttonPanel = new JPanel(new GridLayout(1,3, 20, 20)); mainPanel.setBorder(BorderFactory.createEmptyBorder(10, 10, 10, 10)); studentTable = new JTable(10, 5); addStudentButton = new JButton("Add"); deleteStudentButton = new JButton("Delete"); editStudentButton = new JButton("Edit"); buttonPanel.add(addStudentButton); buttonPanel.add(deleteStudentButton); buttonPanel.add(editStudentButton); mainPanel.add(BorderLayout.CENTER, studentTable); ...

54. JTable to txt File

Hi - I am relatively new to Java and was wondering if anyone could help me with the following issue. I am trying to write a JTable to a txt file, and have the JTable also be able to read the txt file. The problem is that it is writing the letters with a square symbol between each of them and ...

55. Read a .txt file into Jcombo and Jtable

57. how to save data from jtable into txt file

You will need to loop through each row of the JTable (or its model), and then loop through each column, and get the value held at the corresponding cell, and then perhaps write it out in a comma-delimited fashion, I guess. It all depends on what the data looks like, so no one here can suggest a one-size-fits-all solution, but I'm ...

58. JTable not showing first record from file.

60. How to export JTable object Into a XML file?

61. JTable [Build from Text File] + [Custom Render]

Currently I have an extremely spliced and put together code, and I'm not too proud of it, so I'm looking for advice. I want to read in a *.txt file downloaded from a site. Each line is like shown above, and I have a way to parse this and put into a "Object data[][]" which I then send to my table. ...

62. JTable and storing up-dated in a file

package tables; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.event.TableModelEvent; import javax.swing.event.TableModelListener; import javax.swing.table.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import*; import java.util.Vector; import javax.swing.table.*; public class PowerFrame extends JFrame { private JFrame PowerFrame; private JTabbedPane PowerTabPane; private JMenuItem fMenuOpen = null; private JMenuItem fMenuSave = null; private JMenuItem fMenuClose = null; JavaFilter fJavaFilter = new JavaFilter (); File fFile = new File ("default.dat"); private Object ...

63. adding content to Jtable from a sequential file

Can you please tell me how to add data to a JTable from a sequential file?? And I'm using Net beans 5.5 as a platform. Actually when i click a button "view table" in my GUI window, the table is supposed to appear with content from a text file in rows and columns. this is functioning correctly when i click it ...

64. export JTable data with color settings-.csv file cant do that as its pure..

so what format could i use to export data with color and to reimport it in my java application? Serialization or any custom format you can think of. By the way, "color" in this case should be either part of the data model, or implicitly defined by the data model and set by the view using the infoirmation given (as in ...

65. How to sort data of text file in JTable

The more information you give, the more helpful your answers may be. The less information you give, then the converse. Right now, your answers may not be all that helpful because you are choosing, for some reason, to hide most of the details of your problem. Why you are doing this, I don't know.

67. write jTable data into a file

Hi All , I am preparing a Java Swing GUI , In this i have a jTable . Whenever a user writes data into that jTable , the written data should fall in a file .Please tell me the code how to write this jTable data into a file . Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Rajesh