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1. No blanks in JTextField

How can I forbid users to put blanks into a JTextField?
It should not even be possible to write blanks.

2. Using the NetBeans GUI editor, how can I create a JTextField or JFormattedText field that must be validated against a regular expression?

I have a regular expression (\d{4}\w{3}(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])([01][0-9]|2[0-3])([0-5][0-9]){2}) that I need to validate the input of a text field against when the user clicks the OK button or moves the cursor to another ...

3. What is the regular expression for valdating a 'price' in a jtextfield

I want to validate a jtextfield as user inputs a price of some item. I have a perfectly working code which beeps and discard if user inputs some character that doesnt match ...

4. How to validate a JTextField?

how to validate a textfield to enter only 4 digits after the decimal point in Swing. Regards, Chandu

5. Validate JTextField

How do I validate JTextField for a personal number? For example, I would like it to validate something formatted like 841017-4567.

6. java: validating that all text fields in GUI are completed

I am trying to create a GUI that allows someone to set up an account. I would like to validate that all the text fields are complete when the create account ...

7. Validation in JTextField

8. JTextField text validation

9. Text field validation

I have four Text fields, all the fields are having common event like keyPressed or insertUpdate. This event will be fired when action takes place in any of these text fields. What my question is, how to identify the control name which makes this event to be fired. Plese give the answer with any example.

10. text field validation

11. JTextField Validation

One way would be to override the processKeyEvent method of your components. That way you can intercept an typed in characters and check to see if the user typed in a valid character. If the character is invalid, disallow the character and notify the user by any means neccessary. If the character is valid, allow the character by simply calling the ...

12. Validating the contens of a textfield

Checking month will not be a problem. Its a number b/w 1 & 12. For days in each month you should define an array of 13 integers {31,28,31,31..........31,29} The 13th element is for the leap year. Now check if month is 2 and if (year%4==0). When true {i.e leap year} assign 12 to arrayIndex, when false {i.e not a leap year} ...

13. TextField validating for IPAddress

Hi I'm having a JMaskedTextField that accepts IPAddress, Now the problem is I need to set the IPAddress limits to as max and also, if the user inputs, it takes it as 011.11_.11_.11_ How do I solve this problem ?!!Please help me with this confusion. Is there a swing component or an AWT component that accepts and sets the ...

14. TextField validation

Gurus, I realize that the topic of text field validation has been addressed on multiple occasions on this message board, however none addressed the issues that I need addressed. I need to be able to validate a text field when it loses focus. If the validation fails the control needs to retain focus. I do NOT want to validate the data ...

15. Validation for JTextField

16. urgent: validation of email textfields

I did not understand what is Mail API. Package? How to install? But if you shd make with std why don't you take useful to you code from "java Mail API" classes? You may even make it after just using 2java Mail API" and then just browsing to used parts. [This message has been edited by G Vanin (edited November 20, ...

17. Single JTextField Validation

18. How to validate text fields ?

Hi, Here is my problem. I have 3 text fields in a dialog box. I want the user to compulsarily enter some values in it. The fields shouldnt be blank. So when a user clicks 'OK' button, I want to validate if all the textfields contain some values or not. I tried to do gettext for all textfields and checking the ...

19. Regarding TextBox validation in Swing

20. A-Z and 0-9 for textfield validation

21. validating awt textfields

Hi. Welcome to the Ranch Luisa. import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; class MyFrame extends Frame implements ActionListener { TextField t1,t2,t3; Button b1,b2; Label l1,l2,l3,l4; MyFrame() { t1=new TextField(10); t2=new TextField(10); t3=new TextField(10); b1=new Button("Add"); b2=new Button("Exit"); l1=new Label("Enter num1"); l2=new Label("Enter num2"); l3=new Label("Result"); l4 = new Label(" "); setLayout(new FlowLayout()); add(l1); add(t1); add(l2); add(t2); add(l3); add(t3); add(b1); add(b2); add(l4); b1.addActionListener(this); b2.addActionListener(this); ...

22. validate JTextfield input

24. Are there any framework to validate the value of a textfield?

I am not sure what you mean by framework, but I just create a class that extends from a JTextField and validate my input there: import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.util.*; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.event.*; import javax.swing.text.*; public class NumericField extends JTextField { private int MAXCHARS=0; public NumericField(int cols) { super(cols); setMaximumChars(cols); } public void setMaximumChars(int maxchars) { MAXCHARS=maxchars; } protected ...

25. Validating empty JTextField Problem

26. JTextField Validation

I used to do this by just poping up a warning dialog when an OK button is pressed.I've read some articles about Document, it seems there is a better way to do text validations.Now I give you some requests below, I'd like to listen your suggestions on it, and then I'll implement it. If someone has already done this work, please ...

27. validating JTextField for empty

28. Validation for Textfield

Want to validate the textfield as soon as some invalid text is entered. for e.g. If is EmpID field, error message is shown as soon as some non-integer value is entered. I had tried it to validate once the whole form is submitted,but unable to provide solution for the above situation. Please provide appropriate steps for this. The application is in ...

29. textbox validation

I'm very green with Java, so I just wanted to do something simple like: 1) cast the text as double (but I'm not sure how) 2) do an if then to check: if (txt > double is < 0.1 or > .99) then set focus back on textBox and change the label's font color to red and bold

30. validate jTextField in java swing

31. java email validator jtextfield - problem with multiple emai addresses

hi everyone. I would like to enter multiple email addresses in a single text-field, separate them with a semi-colon, and still be able to validate the input. For only one email address, I could succeed fine (see sample code below). Can please anyone tell how do I validate multiple email addresses? And how to semi-colon delimiter them (suppose the user uses ...

32. TextField Validation

33. Validate url in a JTextField

Hi, I have to write a function that will check whether a string inserted into a JTextField is a valid url address - I don't need to check whether it really exist, I just need to make sure that it has a form of a valid website address. I know how to verify if there are only digits or letters or ...

34. Jtextfield Validation

35. Validation on JTextField

Hi, I want to validate the TextBox(JTextField) component in Swing. I have doubts in 2 validations 1. It should allow only numbers and only 10 digits i have used the following code, when focusLost {ContactText.getText().length() !=10) errorDialog.setEnabled(true); } -- Here it's often showing the error because when the focusLost its showing the errorDialog. Hence where i include the validation code? Is ...

36. JTextField validation

ups.. sorry for my rudeness... ok seq is a CharSequence with lots of wierd characters like so: seq = "!)"(/)$#"=(#%/"=#)%/"?)=&(?&=%". i am trying to validate this field, by not allowing the user to insert numbers or weird characters, only letters. but apparently, i dont get any JOptionPane message, and the program just lets the user insert an invalid name.

37. How to validate user input in a JTextField

Thanks for the hint with ActionListener and FocusListener but this is not what I am looking for. Checking after leaving the form is of course no problem. I want to see the change during the input (which is also the reply to the second post). Whenever a new string is inserted the test should be performed and if necessary the background ...

38. Swing JTextField Validation

Hi, first time posting. I've got a program where I have a JTabbedPane with a JPanel and wrapped scrollpane and nested JPanels inside. Inside these JPanels, I've got JTextFields. I'm using GridBag and it looks nice when the program loads up, but when I enter text that's longer than the text fields then change a JComboBox, it resizes everything to push ...

39. Validating a single JTextField

40. Validating JTextField Input question?

First off its been awhile since Ive had to program with java so I am a bit rusty, I hoping someone here can give me a hand. My problem is I have to enter a line of characters into a textfield, in a particular order, lets say "abcdef" is the line of characters that is expected.... Now if "abd" is typed ...