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I am trying to create a combo box so that I can put whatever control I prefer within the pop-up, in my specific case a JTree. Having a look at how ...

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I need to construct tree on action listener of JComboBox

public class ExpressionTree extends JFrame implements ActionListener {

    private JComboBox group;    
    private ...

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How can I show a tree inside a JComboBox popup? Here is example tree:

Theoretical computer science 
           Mathematical logic 

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layoutsTree.setEditable(true); /** * create and add new node * */ DefaultMutableTreeNode newLayoutNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode(); ((DefaultTreeModel) layoutsTree.getModel()).insertNodeInto(newLayoutNode, layoutsTree.getRootNode(), layoutsTree .getRootNode().getChildCount()); // Telling Model that something has changed ((DefaultTreeModel) layoutsTree.getModel()).nodesWereInserted( layoutsTree.getRootNode(), new int[] { layoutsTree .getRootNode().getChildCount() - 1 }); // expanding Path with the new Node and repaint this to see it layoutsTree.expandPath(new TreePath(layoutsTree.getRootNode() .getPath())); layoutsTree.getParent().repaint(); TreePath path = new TreePath(newLayoutNode.getPath()); if ...

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