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3.3.1.Important properties, methods and events of Button control
3.3.2.Use asp:button to submit form data (VB.net)
3.3.3.Use asp:button to trigger action (VB)
3.3.4.Use asp:button to trigger action (C#)
3.3.5.Calcualate in button click action
3.3.6.Button Page Counter (VB.net)
3.3.7.Display event arguments
3.3.8.Hide a controll
3.3.9.Using Client Scripts with Button Controls

3.3.10.A button control with onmouseover and onmouseout setting
3.3.11.Annonymous delegate as the event handler
3.3.12.Add event handler to a button in page load event
3.3.13.UseSubmitBehavior Property