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8.11.1.RequiredFieldValidator requires a user to enter a value into a form field before submitting the form.
8.11.2.Use asp:RequiredFieldValidator to check the input of an asp:TextBox (
8.11.3.Use the RequiredFieldValidator's InitialValue to set a default value
8.11.4.Specify ErrorMessage for asp:RequiredFieldValidator
8.11.5.asp:RequiredFieldValidator will be converted to JavaScript Code after loading in client side
8.11.6.A simple use of the RequiredFieldValidator server control (C#)
8.11.7.Text field of RequiredFieldValidator server control (VB)
8.11.8.Placing values between nodes
8.11.9.Working with the InitialValue property

8.11.10.Using two RequiredFieldValidator controls for one form element
8.11.11.Validating Drop-Down Lists with the RequiredFieldValidator Control
8.11.12.Using images for error notifications
8.11.13.Disabling client-side validations in a validation control
8.11.14.Using sound for error notifications
8.11.15.EnableClientScript=false, Display=Static
8.11.16.RequiredFieldValidator for login page
8.11.17.RequiredFieldValidator with server side validation
8.11.18.Hard code error message
8.11.19.RequiredFieldValidator Dynamic Display