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1.5.1.Namespace Introduction
1.5.2.Full qualify name
1.5.3.Simplest namespace with class definition
1.5.4.Declare a namespace
1.5.5.Demonstrate a namespace.
1.5.6.Use fully qualified class name
1.5.7.Two levels of Namespaces
1.5.8.Namespace with dot
1.5.9.Rename the namespaces

1.5.10.Namespaces prevent name conflicts
1.5.11.Namespaces are additive.
1.5.12.Namespaces can be nested
1.5.13.Demonstrate the :: qualifier.
1.5.14.The use of two namespaces
1.5.15.The use of namespace hierarchies
1.5.16.Creates a namespace with a single class
1.5.17.Same class name under different Namespaces