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2.1.Data Type
2.1.1.C#'s Value Types
2.1.2.The C# Value Types
2.1.3.Converting Numeric Strings to Their Internal Representation
2.1.5.Primitives in C#
2.1.6.System Types and C# Shorthand
2.1.7.Data type default value
2.1.8.The differences between int and double.
2.1.9.Explicit numeric conversions

2.1.10.Convert numeric types explicit to 'smaller' types
2.1.11.System.Int32 value
2.1.13.System.UInt16 value
2.1.14.bool: False/True string
2.1.15.ulong: Max/Min value
2.1.16.Parsing strings to create data types
2.1.17.Parsing strings to create data types: int
2.1.18.Parsing strings to create data types: char
2.1.19.CTS Types and Aliases

2.1.20.Specifying Literal Values
2.1.21.Data type Functionality
2.1.22.Default values for primitive types
2.1.23.Data Declarations
2.1.24.Using new to create intrinsic data types
2.1.25.Default Value Comparison
2.1.26.Modular calculation for int, double, decimal and