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4.3.1.for loop
4.3.2.Demonstrate a block of code inside if statement
4.3.3.Use block inside for statement: Compute the sum and product of the numbers from 1 to 10
4.3.4.Use byte to control for loop
4.3.5.A negatively running for loop
4.3.6.Nested for loop to calculate prime number
4.3.7.Use commas in a for statement.
4.3.8.Use commas in a for statement to find the largest and smallest factor of a number
4.3.9.Loop condition can be any bool expression.

4.3.10.Parts of the for can be empty.
4.3.11.Move 'update' out of the for loop
4.3.12.For loop with multiple expressions
4.3.13.The body of a loop can be empty
4.3.14.Declare loop control variable inside the for
4.3.15.Using break to exit a for loop