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5.10.String Compare
5.10.1.String comparisons: ignore case
5.10.2.Use '==' to compare two string objects
5.10.3.Compare for equal
5.10.4.Compare string: equal, less than or greater than
5.10.5.If two string are equal
5.10.6.Compare string case sensitively
5.10.7.Compare string with start index and end index
5.10.8.Compare string with String.Compare(string str1, strng str2)
5.10.9.Compare strings using StringComparison enumeration: InvariantCulture

5.10.10.String Interning
5.10.11.String equality
5.10.12.Sample for String.Equals(Object), String.Equals(String), String.Equals(String, String)