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7.1.Class Definition
7.1.1.Class Fundamentals
7.1.2.The General Form of a Class
7.1.3.A Simple Class showing class definition syntax
7.1.4.A simple, but complete, C# class.
7.1.5.A Simple Class with member fields and constrctor
7.1.6.Declare an object of type Building
7.1.7.Create two objects for one class
7.1.8.Copy a class
7.1.9.Encapsulation example

7.1.10.Class can contain class
7.1.11.Inherited member methods and fields
7.1.12.Reference to Base Class
7.1.13.Implement multiple interfaces
7.1.14.Extends class and implements interface
7.1.15.C# Accessibility Keywords
7.1.16.The modifiers can be applied to members of types, and have various uses.
7.1.17.Value Types: class vs struct