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7.40.1.Creating One-Dimensional Indexers
7.40.2.Indexing with an Integer Indexer
7.40.3.Indexing with an String Indexer
7.40.4.Indexing with Multiple Parameters
7.40.5.Define both int and string indexer for a class
7.40.6.Use indexer to add element
7.40.7.Define getter only indexer
7.40.8.Use an indexer to create a fail-soft array.
7.40.9.Overload the MyArray indexer

7.40.10.Indexers don't have to operate on actual arrays
7.40.11.Indexer based on 0 or non-zero
7.40.12.Indexer based on switch statement
7.40.13.Indexer for generic type
7.40.14.Using a string as an indexer value