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9.1.1.Define a delegate with no return value and no parameters
9.1.2.Add both static and non-static function to a delegate
9.1.3.Delegate with reference paramemters
9.1.4.Delegate with return values
9.1.5.Use a delegate to call object methods
9.1.6.delegate is a function pointer
9.1.7.A simple delegate example.
9.1.8.Construct a delegate using method group conversion
9.1.9.Delegates can refer to instance methods

9.1.10.Delegates to Instance Members
9.1.11.uses the invocation list to calculate a factorial
9.1.12.named-delegate invocation
9.1.13.Use delegate to reference two static functions
9.1.14.Declare a delegate and assigns a reference to either the WriteLine method or the ShowWindowsMessage method to its delegate instance.